vision issues and tight forehead

I've been getting tightness on the right side of my forehead for months now. some days I'm okay, but some days it turns into a full blown headache across the entre forehead and at the top of my nose. what I am mostly worried about is my vision. it seems like I have constant drunk vision and I have light sensitively. also on some occasions when I walk through a merchandise isle in a store, the stuff seems to be moving too fast for my eyes to catch up! does anyone share the same issues?


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  • Sounds like a version of migraine to me, it can come out in all sorts of weird ways! I have had similar visual disturbances when walking through busy environments. It doesn't mean there is something wrong with your vision. ( by all means get it checked out) Just need to work out what is triggering it which is a whole different ball game! Good luck and health.

  • I hope I can get rid of this migraine, if that's what it it really is. I've been dealing with this for about 8 months now :(

  • Yes they can be very difficult and can last months. Ugh.. I am grappling with a 2 month one at the moment. Look at trying to work out different triggers, which may be an accumulation of several different things~foods, chemicals, stress etc . I know it's difficult!

    I was helped by taking amitriptyline for a few years till I had to come off it recently. I also take betahistine for vertigo. Hope you can get help to sort it!

  • I was taking anytriplyine before but my main GP told me to get off it. I don't even remember if it helped. I'm just trying to see what my triggers are but it's so inconsistent.... Thanks. I hope u can sort things out!!

  • A book that really helped me at the time was Heal Your headache by David Buckholtz (?) It gives some clear explanations of how the triggers builtd up to tip you over the threshold. I read lots of reviews before I took the plunge and bought it. I think most of the reviews were on the American amazon but I bought it on the uk one. It was a few years ago now, but did give me those few years of improved health. A big part of it was giving up caffeine I'm back to reviewing my food sensitivity issues. Gluten in particular but also other grains. Getting back to eating good clean basic food. Good luck on your quest.

  • Awesome, looks like my local library has that. I'll check it out. Thanks!

  • Yes I do share the same issues and have for a long time. I suffer from immense stress.

    I would also suffer from a tightness on the right side of my forehead which would turn into a contraction headache. Another name for a muscular tension headache. Having suffered for many years with migraines, these headaches are different. The muscle tension headaches also involve the eyes feeling blurry and hard to focus. Going into a store is the worse because your mind is flooded with all these items that it seems like

    your eyes can't go fast enough to absorb. A neurologist once told me that short of wearing blinders (like horses do) wearing sunglasses can help reduce the light sensitivity when in a store. I know my response is a little different than the others but

    it is from my own experience. Wish you well.

  • Thanks for your reply. I have tried wearing sunglasses all the time and after a while, the eyes get weird again as if they are slow at catching up. Have u heard of fl-41 tint? They're supposed to help with migraines by blocking out certain blue wavelengths of light.

    How long have u had your migraines for and have u had any dental work prior to that?

  • I have not heard of fl-41. I no longer get migraines. I had suffer furiously for 20 years until I stopped my periods. The migraines disappeared but the tension headaches continue but not as frequently..I do however feel full headed, foggy etc most days including today. I've had a lot of dental work done in the past including mouth guard and oral surgery. Anxiety plays a big part of what we experience.

  • I am just starting to get these migraines for the past few months, I can't even imagine how you went through 20 years of it!

    i think you're right, i just can't stop thinking about problems with my vision every single waking moment

  • It was hell. For pain I was given a Xanax and a Darvocett to take.

    I would have cold paks on my forehead and retreat to bed. As some years went by I added a cup of strong coffee with the pills and of course by then was able to continue my day. The things that I would see were prominent. Lots of floaters different colors, blurry vision etc.

    It doesn't have to do with the eyes but the brain and blood vessels.

    I wish you well

  • so currently your vision is better? how often do you still get the tension headaches?

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