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Recently graduated but still no job. Is suicide the only answer?

Hey. So I'm 21, just graduated college(a semester early) with a B.A in geography and I have applied to so many jobs in my field but either no companies reply back or they reply with a rejection letter. I've even applied to jobs that have nothing to do with my major. I did get hired a month ago by as an administrative assistant that is totally unrelated to my major but I had to quit last week because my boss was abusive and making my anxiety problems worse. Part of the reason why my boss was being abusive was because I have a learning disability in which I have trouble remembering things and have trouble understanding spoken words and instructions. Thankfully, I am okay financially because I still live in my dads house but I know I need a job eventually for my future family. I have a girlfriend of 2 years and if I am still unemployed by the time we marry, we would never be able to have kids. Anyways, its really depressing me that I am home laying in my bed all day.. Of course I am searching for jobs still and thinking of going for masters degree but I feel like a loser. My parents are at work, my girlfriend is at work.. I'm the only one staying home like a loser. And recently I am starting to lose hope of everything because of how my major won't get me employed anywhere(yes I really regret my major) so I am thinking death is the only possible way to end my misery. I know my family and girlfriend will get sad but I don't want to live my life like a loser anymore. Is there something I can do to improve my situation and eventually stop thinking about suicide?

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Hello :-)

O please do not think this way

Are you in the UK ?

My youngest is the only Son I have and he is 21

He did not get a masters or anything like that but he did go to college and he got all the diploma's he needed for the profession he wanted to do but could he get a job doing what he wanted no !

He searched and searched and yes at times he did say he was feeling low , not to the degree you feel but it was starting to get to him

He is now working been a support worker , something he would have never looked at doing and to be honest something I would have never thought he would do but like he said a job is a job and as he is doing this he will still keep looking at other options but this will get him on the employment ladder and a reference if and when needed which is all good

Your boss from your last job was totally out of order and if you are in the UK you could look at taking him to a tribunal for unfair dismissal that is if you explained in your interview what your difficulties are which I would suggest you do explain maybe get the interview first but once there explain

Have you thought about Volunteering at places , I know this is not what you expected but by Volunteering it gets you out , something for your CV and is always a plus even if it just helps your self worth which I can see is shattered

Do not take this personally though as jobs are so hard to get at the moment and you are one of many in this situation , it is not that you are not good enough but more that there are just not enough jobs out there

I would keep telling my Son to have faith something would come along and it did and will say the same to you , keep having faith , I believe when the time is right and with the effort put in good things will come to those that wait

Have you spoken to your parents or your Doctor about how low you are feeling and the thoughts that you are having , I would strongly urge you to talk with them and get some support , there is the Samaritans you can phone 24/7 in the UK that you can talk to any time you feel you may need to talk about how you feel they are always there

You have so many people that love you , what would they do without you :-o

When we love someone we love them unconditionally and your GF and parents will love you no job or the highest paid job in the world you are worth more than a job can provide to them :-)

Keep coming and talking to others and remember this is not personally , jobs are hard to get out there but one will come your way and even if you have to start beneath your qualifications there is only one way you can go from there and that is up and sometimes that is what we have to do work are way up :-)

Take Care x


Thanks for your reply. I live in the U.S btw. I actually did intern at a volunteer organization last summer so I can always go back there to volunteer and stuff but I am also looking for other volunteering/intern places as well. Working outdoors is my passion so I am thinking of volunteering/interning at a garden and then eventually enroll in a horticulture school near my town and then when I graduate I think about becoming a horticulturalist/gardener. This is my current plan right now but if this doesn't work out.. I think I'm done. There would be nothing left for me to do.

I do take zoloft for anxiety 25mg, the lowest dose I can take since my anxiety was getting better until recently. I think I'll have to request my psychiatrist to increase it...

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Well that all sounds very positive :-)

Been out doors gardening is good for anxiety to :-)

I would when you see your Doctor let them know how you are thinking at the moment so they can decide what medication and how much will be best for you :-)

Let us know how you get on and remember you will have a future and you will get a job be patient and good things will come , meanwhile enjoy the break because once you start work you are working a lot of years :-/ x

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Hi Heruga, sometimes our plans don't go as we expected but that doesn't mean you're a failure. It just means there's a fork in the road and you need to take a different direction. It seems like you do have a plan in becoming a horticulturalist/gardener. I wish you luck with that.

I think right now seeing your psychiatrist will be beneficial in helping you get on an even keel road. Remember you are not a loser, you graduated college a semester early. Congrats on that..You can do whatever you set your mind to. Wishing you well, reach for your dreams.


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