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Anxiety - Learning to live

Well, I know there is hardly anything I can say about my condition that will make a difference. But what good is my condition if I cannot share. Anyway, I was and I am suffering from anixiety from a very long time now. First it was just a few Panic attacks once in a while. It was like a new experience for me, and I was going along with it pretty well. However in the past few months, things have got worse within my family. I have experienced three major medical events in my family, and a death. Death of a mentor, and a loving brother. That has, I believe, fueled my anxiety to such an extent, that it now has reached a completely different level.

After my brother's death, It all started to go out of the comfort zone. I started fearing death so much, that I now have a very hard time accepting it. Like trying to live my life with it is now difficult.

Even the slightest of the pain and change in my health CONVINCES me that those are symptoms to some terminal disease. And I consult none other than DR.GOOGLE. I live with a heavy head 24*7. Like its on a constant spin. Like when you are in an elevator. Its something I cannot explain, something I don't have to, to most of the people here. Please reply if you can guys. I just wanna hear I am not the only one. I just wanna know if this is something not serious. Something I can ignore and pretend that everything is fine. That its in my mind and mind only.


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I have had that same exact heavy head feeling that your talking about. Its such a strange feeling that its hard to convince ourselves that its just anxiety, but thats all it is. And Google is the devil when your mind works the way ours does!! Lol Ive done the same thing but you have to resist that urge to Google any kind of symptoms because you will always be able to convince yourself you have some horrible illness. Anxiety can do some crazy things to us mentally and physically. The physical symptoms are always the scariest, for me anyways. My anxiety had gotten so out of control that Ive just recently gotten on some meds to help. Its been about 2 wks and I can definitely tell a difference. That heavy, foggy, weird feeling in my head isnt there anymore and Im not as anxious everyday like I was. There have been a few times that I could feel an anxiety attack coming on but I was able to talk myself out of it. Maybe if meds arent an option for you, you could find a therapist to talk with. Just know that your certainly not alone in any of this. We all know exactly how your feeling. Hope it gets better for you soon!!


First of all, Thank you so much for replying Pooh1017. I am glad and actually overwhelmed with the amount of responses I am getting. I have been through various other websites and communities that actually offer help, however none did do. Medication is something I never want to go for Pooh1017, however It seems that is the only resort left with me now. I just don't like the idea of hooking on to them. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one. Thanks for understanding, and better yet, letting me know about it...

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I just want to say "I'm sorry" ...and send you a hug and love. I feel awful today too, and can relate to what you are saying. Thanks have GOT to get better. Take care.

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I meant 'things'...not 'thanks' ... although I AM thankful for every part of me that doesn't feel sick.


Thanks for replying. Its so hard to people who actually talk to you about these things and understand. They either think you are just making things up. Or put you into the "attention seeker" category. Thanks BettyA for the hugs, I can't explain how much I need'em......

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I can relate to the heavy head thing. It is very hard to explain! I feel like I'm swaying when I stand still and need to grab onto things when I'm walking. Sometimes I'm afraid I'm gonna pass out or fall.

I've had several drs run a lot of tests and can't find anything. Now they all say anxiety. I'm not sure what to think as I also have a lot of pain in the Rt side of my face,neck, and shoulder. Daily headaches too. I've been prescribed several antidepressants but have a terrible fear of taking them. The last Dr thinks Lexapro will help. I still haven't tried it.

Just know that you're not alone in this. It's very scary and Dr.Google makes it worse for me too.

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Cher1, yes it does. DR.GOOGLE is the one who has made it so hard for me.....

I have the exact same fear of being on meds. I just don't wanna go for them. Its like having to be on something that's gonna make you feel more dependent. I just wanna be the real me that I was before I got into this Anxiety paradox. It really is a paradox. Once you are in, you can't get out of it. Maybe you can, but for those who have, have surely not met me...... so it makes no difference. Thank you so much onc again Cher1.... I have started feeling better already. Damn those meds, Talking is much better.....


The best option to help with those head aches is when you feel them be with those whom with you enjoy so much and go out with them.

Plan for movie or outing and try to stay engaged.

Dont try to fight with your thoughts alone in your head staying in bed thinking that I will find solutions to this problem.

What you are doing in your mind is constant worry and I think that is why you are feeling pain and heavy head and also i guess chest or abdomen pain.

try to read these blogs and dont worry too much whatever comes in your mind because it is temporary, what you feel miserable for today will become so easeful tomorrow because it is the way anxiety behaves you will have to just let it flow through it and try not to fight too much also.

Just accept it and dont worry too much. No one can control thoughts and dont try to control them just let them flow and be the spectator just dont react.

Slowly it will be your habit and you will notice what is causing the anxiety. It will take time but this is the only way to get out of anxiety.

Hope this herlps.

You can message me anytime if you want to talk,I am struggling with GAD for last five years.

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Thanks for the reply man....

It really means a lot....

Thank you so much...


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