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Rough Few Days

Hey guys, i had gone a week or maybe a little more feeling pretty good, just small bouts of anxiety here and there... a couple days ago my left shoulder got sharp pains, they would come and go at random and i really didn't think much of it at first. Today though it started happening again and it got to me, i was sitting in the car on the way to church when it got to me and my heart rate was 120! Totally freaked out, i'm 21 and i feel certain i've had or am about to have a heart attack. HELP ME :(

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I'm not 21 but thought I'd answer because today I have been experiencing sharp pain in my right shoulder. Ok must have been something I did. A few minutes ago, I also

got sharp pain in my left shoulder. Now the little red flag went up. What if? I refuse to have it get me upset. I remembered putting bags of groceries in my car yesterday and carrying them in. I didn't think of the repercussion I may get from it. So tonight I will put a hot pack across my shoulders. I can feel very tender trigger points. Try to

take some time to relax. Maybe a hot bath, shower or heat should help. I just noticed

that you posted this 18 hours ago. How are you feeling today? Feel better soon...


It's been a bit better today, not near as sharp but still pains in the left side of my body, it could be just paranoia or i don't know what. it's just aggravating. I reckon it's nothing serious since it's been going on for a few days and it is not consistent. Just the day in the life of a person that freaks out about every pain they feel in their body.

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I hope you feel better tomorrow. Goodnight!


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