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A few rough days !

Hey everyone thanks for reading this,i am a sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks for over 25 years ! and 8 days ago right out of the blue i got hit by one so big i could not even think straight ! I tried all the tricks i learned over the years,nothing was working.....i was so dizzy and could not concentrate,shaking, i have a friend who suffers also and i asked him to give me an ativan...worked a little tried it for 2 days was not working one bit...called my family doctor...could not see me for 3 days...i was crying day in and day out....and the time i would sleep it felt great cause i did not feel this i finally saw my doctor and he put me on abilify...i do take clonazepam 0.5 gram twice a day and take 1 10mg the abilify is 2mg...but before i went to the doctors i had taken 2 clonazepam which equals to i was feeling a little better ! and during this time i could not shower or nothing was confined to bed or sitting on a chair and covered with a blanket.....same night i went to the hospital waited 5 hours for the doctor and she raised my clonazepam at 1mg 3 times a day and 2 mg at bed time....she told me go see your doctor in a i called him and the secretary told me he said 2 weeks.....i have some ok time that last a little while...and i am fighting it a lot...9 days now and still have symptoms....anyone ever been like this,the being dizzy part is ruining my days...any good suggestions ? please and thank you.

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Hey there

Anxiety is pants and does horrid things to you... but what I do know is the more we panic, the more we panic. So we have to try and take our mind of the symptoms....... Ive taken up knitting which does help to relax the mind, which in turn relaxes the body.

I think its a good idea to see your gp for some help, maybe your meds do need looking at or you could have some talking therapy??

Good luck, keep posting, its good to know you're not alone in this!!

Much love xx


Thank you so much Anne for your kind words,i have tried other things like walks,playing sports,but they always seem to comeback....maybe its a long ride i have to take and hoping it goes away...i know one day at a time....but being dizzy constantly does not help.

Thank you very much again xo


Hi Cc,not easy to cope with this horrible illness,but as anne1964 said the more we think about it the worse it is,I use headspace,you can download the app for free,also mindfulness,I have a book but I believe it's available in several forms.

I don't take meds,rely on different things,I walk,do breathing exercises,listen to music,I also knit,you'll find what suits you best.

Goo luck and remember your not alone on here xxx


Thank you so much...i will be looking up headspace and mindfulness no harm in trying :) xo


Anything that helps has to be good,keep posting and let us know how your keeping xx


Hi Cc. My breakdown was caused by a horrible panic attack I couldn't control. The doctor put me on a very high dose of diazipam,anti depressives and sleeping tablets. I take no meds now but I am finding it very hard to cope. I'm seeing a new doctor Tuesday and feel sick about it.(we've moved). But there again I'm nervous about everything. I realise that feeling sick and weak is part and parcel of my everyday life now and I am so fed up with it! People don't realise how hard we try to cope do they? I feel so much for you,wish I could be of more help! If you want to chat I'm up for it. Thinking of you.


Thank you Sam,i do hope you get the help you deserve we all cope in different ways,i have been like this since i am 12 years old that makes it longer then i thought 36 years and i have had my ups and down...but the last days have been the worse...think positive for me and i will think positive for you :)


Hi Cc. Positive thoughts all round! Your life story reads like mine. Depression/anxiety started at 12/13 yrs when my parents split. I've just turned 48, so it's been way to long. But like you I've had good mixed with bad. Thanks for the positive xx


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