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Last few days

Yesterday was a good day, no aches, pains or palpitations. Had a good day at work then went to the football with my brother.

Today I'm sitting at work, chest pain, heart is fluttering all over he place, so I'm back to feeling all down again.

Someone please tell me that heart palpitations can go away over time, I cannot stand the thought I'm stuck with them forever!



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Hi Ashley

I noticed you were quite yesterday

They will go over time

I used to have them all the time , infact sometimes they would thud all of a sudden & make me jump

Its hard I no to believe this is nothing & I wished I could show you your future & say "look you are 80 now & you worried all those years " but I cant

I can say though that as you get to learn how to re train your thinking , which takes time , but you can do it , the palpitations will get less & go altogether

Dont be hard on yourself , it takes time

And now I have said come & play with us if there is a party , you have to be here ( & you will ) :-D





Yeah I was really busy at work all day then I had to rush home and go to the footie. Was a good day, think that's why I beat myself up so much that I can have such good days as that and then the next day boom I'm just as bad as ever, it's so demotivating. Especially when you feel that first flutter in your heart, I don't mean to be scared my body just does it automatically. Although you saying you used have them gives me hope.

Party?? Where's my invite lol ;-) xxx


Think that maybe where you are going a little wrong , beating yourself up all the time, bank the good days & try & just flow as B used to say with the bad ones

Seriously though I always used to have them & on an odd occasion , still do , but they are nothing , well if they are , I must be a miracle by now lol

Party yes on Rose's blog she says of course you must join in , we are all invited , having said that , for some like me , I might not be there because it will take me all day to find it on here

I am just not settling on this format at all , finding it a bit distressing :-(



I understand it's distressing on here cos I've the big change, it's still taking me a time to get used to it, but I'm sure before we know it we will all be forgetting what the old page was like.

I'm going to go jogging again tonight cos I my body feels like it needs to move. Might keel over though hahaha xxx


I worry about palpitations too but I know and pray that I can re-train myself and they will go away.


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