Stomach again!!

I know I'm heading into anxiety... Had stomach pains all over abdomen area on and off now since Xmas, keep burying my head ... Thinking it'll go... But it isn't and when it's worse like now keep thinking its cancer , daren't go to the dr scared what they'll tell me . Keep thinking what is it? Sorry to ask again but I know I'm gonna start with the panics again!!


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  • There's a large number of innocent possibilities of what it could be, indigestion, stuff like that. It could be your diet, perhaps your stomach has an intolerance to something perhaps dairy. keep track of what you eat on a day to day basis and write down when the pain starts.

  • If you are pooping you don't have a blockage in your intestine. Stomach issues have a lot to do with stress but watch your diet

  • hi 1973m have you had an CT scan on you abdomen, i was the same over the christmas holiday and it turned out i had a blocked lower abdomen you must get a CT scan done asap, it took two days to get mine cleared don't wait get to your doctors asap. keep in touch let me know how you get on your friend Alan xx

  • I know your right I do need to go , just scares me all the tests. I feel ok again right at this moment... Which logigly tells me it's not( life threatening) but I know how long I've been battling anxiety and panic so know how quickly it can spiral. Your so kind thank you for responding. How are you? X

  • hi there 1973m i would just like to say this that when they first took me into hospital the blockage was that bad the surgery nearly passed out from the smell of the blockage, please except my apologies for this, but they couldn't tell which end it was coming from, they pumped my stomach to remove my dinner from that day blue lighted me from Bassetlaw Hospital to Doncaster royal hospital all ready for an operation, the only thing i had done was an x-ray to show the blockage, when i arrived at Doncaster they sent me for a CT scan and pumped warm fluid through my body to see what was what, must admit it was a funny feeling, anyway by this time its 08:00am the next day, they said that if they had operated i would have been DEAD but the give me two enema's instead and it worked, i'm a lot better if i could upload a photo of me in hospital it would scare you to bits, like you i suffer from depression, anxiety, and with my nerves. today i'm alive and nearly fully recovered, if i hadn't gone that friday night and left it, i would be DEAD now, i don't want to scare you but just to think about how i nearly ended up please just for me please going and get it checked out before it does come life threatening, you would want that, let me know how you get on take care Alan xx

  • Don't scare her maybe before going into all that detail you could ask if she was having a bowel movement.

  • hi there i'm sorry if i went into to much detail, that wasn't to scare her i was just letting her know what happen to me in December, my biggest problem is i suffer from Aspergers syndrome and sometime the way i put things is not the way i mean to speak, i hope she will accept my apologies many thanks for bring this to my attention Alan

  • It's fine , don't worry, you'd feel worse if you hadn't said..., then something bad happened. I'm Not too bad today so far... Fingers crossed but I will ring Dr next week see if I can get in with my GP . Thanx all .

  • hi there 1973m i'm sorry for the way i put it, but if you had seen the state i was in i don't want anybody to go through what i did, its my biggest problem i have and that's i care what happens to others if i can help to stop the worse happening, i hope all goes well take care speak to you soon your friend Alan xx

  • I understand I have Colitis. It's just people with anxiety like us can't be driven further into it with scary situationstuff

    Thank you for apologizing. I have been rush to the hospital many times with colitis. Have a great day.

  • hi there thank you for understanding, its i kn ow what i went through i don't want anybody else to go through what i did, my biggest problem is i care about everyone, well that's me take care hope you get to the bottom of your stomach pains have a lovely weekend. Alan x

  • Its your anxiety, just stop thinking about stomach problems. Eat healthy and turn your mind to somewhere else. Try meditation and breath exercise, it helps you with the stress relieve.

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