That time again !

God here we go again due my period and the anxiety and hart palps are starting up again !!! I don't mine the odd day well I'd rather none but u know wot I mean ! But its sometimes a week before my period then while I'm on (5) days! Then sometimes it lasts ages after too !!! It like I only really have a normal week or so before it all starts again...I have a app next month to get one of them hart monitors put on for 24 hours and I'm thinking to much about that !!! Arhhh lol plus my little one was awake at 6:30 son I'm tired too that doesn't help ! Roll on kids being asleep so I can to !!! :-) hope everyone is well ?x


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  • Hi Stacey, I'm alot worse as well when it's that time. I had a big panic attack yesterday and I'm due on! Xxx

  • Oh bless hope today has been better for u ?! It so strange isn't it I never use to get this maybe it coz I'm 30 in 16 days ahhhh lol :-) x

  • Being 30 was lovely for me, I had a 1 yr old daughter, she is now 15!!!!! I have no idea where my life has gone! Xxxx

  • Oh I'm so pleased I don't have this problem anymore, except I do because my dd is just the same, always at her worst for the few days before.

    Tiredness is a killer too, everything is so much more difficult. Hope you have a good sleep tonight :)


  • I'm the same at the moment. Usually a few days before the time and so many days into it, plus I always feel low at the time. I blamed all my anxiety on me turning 30 lol I'm nearly 32 no xxx

  • Thanks. A bit of a layin would go down nice that's if my kids think the same lol. Oh bless her its not nice is it !!! X

  • Lol its a big deal turning 30 isn't it ?! Lol iv been in my 20s for so long lol !!! X

  • Oh lordy - it's a nightmare isn't it ;)

    Yep the week before a period, particularly the two days before with added body heat and nausea is just arggghhh, lucky mine settles with the onset of period...hmmm I don't want to think about 30 - 18/19 weeks away from that myself...good luck with it all :)

    x sam

  • We get all the fun don't we lol!!! Yeah the big 30 !!!!!!! Great lol x

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