Does anyone else feel drunk all the time?

Or better yet, has anyone felt drunk for half a year straight? Seriously think I'm going mad. Everyday I feel like I've drink three beers and it doesn't go away. Every test you can think of I have had done. All std tests, thyroid, chest, ekg, brain scans, neurology tests, been through two courses of antibiotics. I have asthma but there is no way it is linked because it has never done this to me


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  • I completely know what you mean! I think this is actually derealisation though. I've felt drunk for weeks at a time, bad balance, weird thoughts, it's really like almost being a dream. Mine has pretty much passed though, it comes and goes my friend. Just do your best to get your mind in a good place man, find some peace.

  • Yes it's derealization I too feel drunk a lot the key is to keep busy and not focus on it or be afraid of it.

  • It might be an ear problem which affects balance. Or it may be information overload. I find that I feel more like this in the light and in strange places or where there's lots of visual information, hence why people are agoraphobic in busy places. I'm not saying that's the case with you but years ago I remember going to a support group and a book was recommended saying that it is all down to the ear and balance problems. I think there could be physical weaknesses which are magnified when we're anxious and stressed, you know, like finding the weakest point, and so it's best to treat the cause of the anxiety and stress. Of course your breathing could also be making you feel drunk. But I know when I've been seriously anxious I can't walk straight because I can't cope with information overload. What has helped me (may be age) but antidepressants have helped me though I realize they're not for everyone. Also, working out if there's something in your life making you more anxious which will result in you focussing on symtoms.

    Take care

  • Have you ever smoked weed? If you've had tests done it's probably derealisation. The only cure is to rid yourself of all stress and try to ignore it like it isn't even there. Keep your mind busy. Exercise, hang around with people, play tetris or sudoko.

  • Thanks a bunch. I still try and stay active I feel like it is getting better.Do you know if this ever goes away?

  • It hasn't for me but there are a lot of success stories on other sites! I think once you get your anxiety down it goes away.

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