Can't cope

Can anyone help I have been suffering from anexiety for a long time it comes and goes the worst thing is it makes me feel sick just suddenly comes on from no where then I can't think about anything else. Recently I have been feeling spaced out in my own world like I am just going to drop down dead. I get so scared it's not aneixty and it's something else but my bloods were all normal. Can't cope like this

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  • Help😓

  • I always feel spaced out and know it's anxiety because something would have happened by now,it's an awful feeling but if you try and forget it,it will go away xxi

  • I do then when I think about how I feel my heart just sinks and I feel sick for hours. The doctor said there's nothing wrong with me because she's done all my bloods. Do you feel this way?

  • Yes nearly everyday but I sat down and said to myself I want my old life back,I've started forgetting about my symtoms and they go away,I've be had bloods,ecg etc and all came back normal x

  • But I have only had bloods and ecg which were normal except low vitamin d. What else can I have done. I'll always want more and more but doctor said I don't need it :-(

  • I'm low in vitamin D also and thst alone can make you feel this way, did you're doctor give you vitamin D supplements?

  • Yeah I got some. Haven't taken them in a while tho. Need to get back on them. Just feel like I think I'm going to die then I get a feel of dred like there's something Propee wrong with me

  • Ah maybe you should start taking them again like you say because it honestly can make you feel awful being deficient I feel exactly the same I'm very weak too and I can't hardly do anything as my muscles are so weak and also feel there is something very wrong

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