Can't cope any more!

Hi, ive been struggling with anxiety as long as i can remember. It seems to be getting so much worse. I cant control myself from shaking and its all getting too much. The negative thoughts are horrible. I thin k im depressed. People are starting to talk about me; saying that im a freak and just want attention. Nobody will say anything to my face but i can hear them. I go to school so its difficult and its getting to the point where I don't think i can go in because i'm afraid that people will judge me. I dont feel like i can trust anyone, even my friends. There's not really anyone i can talk to so i thought i would write it on here.


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  • Hey, I know exactly how you feel. Depending on how old you are you must speak to your parents and go to the doctors for anti anxiety medication which usually always treat depression too. After a few weeks on them you will be a different person And woneed why you worried so much. It will give you confidence in situations you perhaps never had before. But it will take a little bit of time. Focus on doing that perhaps and setting yourself goals to getting better rather than the cruel people around you at school. But I strongly suggest some medication and counselling to help you. There is help for you....but you must ask for it. Please ask. All the best.

  • Thanks for replying. They won't give me medication because I'm only 14 but I'm gonna try counselling.

  • When you're suffering anxiety, you can imagine all kinds of things. You can imagine things and believe them but they are not real. Just Your anxiety affecting your thoughts and feelings. By all means talk to your parents and schedule a doctor's appointment. Tell him everything you think and feel and he may feel medication will help. It takes about 4 weeks to really feel better on meds but that's not to say you won't be feeling better as you are taking them. You may or may not have side effects but they will go away as your body adjusts to meds.. while on meds continue to live. Stay active, hang out with friends, drink water, eat healthy. Tell yourself everyday you are healthy and keep living. Fight through your anxiety by continuing to be active. Don't fear the feelings, accepted them and soon you will notice them less and less. One day at a time You will get stronger.

  • Thanks for replying. I wish they would give me meds but I'm only 14 so they said I'm too young. Thanks for the encouragement and I'm just gonna try and deal with it, not let it ruin my life.

  • Good attitude. Your on the way. If no meds check out the health food stores, they might have something that cam help. Magnesium, calcium, vitamin d, vitamin c and omega 3 to name a few. Lots of healthy food helps too. Cut back on sugar and caffeine.. dark choc that has 70 percent. I sm piece a day. So many healthy foods will help like nuts, avacados, celery and chamomile tea 3 times a day. Good luck

  • Ok thanks

  • First off you aren't a freak you are someone who unfortunately suffers from bad anxiety and panic attacks. You need to take a time out from school get to the doctor tell them what you told us and get a sick line from the doc and hand it Into the school. Then you need your parents to report the way you are being treated in school as it's actually bullying a mentally sick person what's very wrong. Stay strong don't you give up I've been there still am and it helps ease after some rest and recooperation. Eliminate the unwanted bullying and other issues and you will get a better quality of life back

  • Honestly the longer that you cope with anxiety, there is a sort of defense mechanism you try to put up. You try to ignore the anxious feelings. It builds up then one day or night boom it makes you feel like you're anxiety is worse than it has been.

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