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Fuzzy/Heavy Head

Hi everyone. I'm new here so don't really know how to work this yet lol! I was just wondering if anyone else gets a fuzzy & heavy feeling in their head? Mine makes it hard to concentrate & sometimes I get dizzy spells with it that knock me all to pot. I have anxiety anyway & to be honest it's more in the health side than anything else. I know I don't drink enough water through the day so does this have anything to do with it? I have lots of headaches that trigger my anxiety so I constantly think someone serious is wrong. I'm having physio for me shoulders and neck to help relieve tension for the headaches and I'm already seeing a therapist but these last couple days I'm having a bad batch of anxiety. Sorry for the essay, hoping someone can shine some light for me. Hope your all well x

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I suffer from this "brain fog" feeling too but for me I don't believe it has anything to do with my anxiety as I've suffered with anxiety for 5 years and it's only been the past year I've had this feeling. I believe for me at least it might either be something like sinusitis or a vestibular disorder as drinking alcohol makes the symptoms worse. (which I've never had a problem with my anxiety in the past).

have you had blood tests done to rule anything out like vitamin b deficiency. hyper active thyroid etc?


Thanks for replying! Ahh I see. Umm, I had bloods done but I'm not 100% sure what they were testing for. They just told me they came back normal. That was a few months ago though. Should I go back and see if they could do them again and check? I'm also always tired & really larthargic :( x


Yes, get re-tested. This time however, get a copy of the test results and/or make a point of jotting down what you're being tested for. Make sure you're not iron deficient. Thyroid problems also cause braun fog.

Not drinking enough water will certainly make you mentally and physically tired and also give you headaches. Lookup the effects of dehydration.

Some meds can do the same thing. Ditto in terms of lack of food.

Try not to worry. Get re-tested and drink more water. Gauge if there's an improvement when you commence drinking more.

Best wishes.


Thanks for the reply! I will definitely do that. ! xx


without sounding too much like a hypochondriac I would ask too get checked for allergies/sinusitis too just to rule that out if all comes back clear then consider changing your lifestyle (unless you're a fitness kinda person already) but nonetheless exercise is supposedly great for anxiety


Hi Lauannxo, having physiotherapy for your shoulders and neck should help alleviate the frequency of your headaches as well as seeing a therapist. However, hydrating will play a big part of getting rid of that fuzzy, heavy feeling in your head. I get the same thing and it usually is alleviated once I start pumping water in me again. When I use to suffer from migraines the neurologist told me that drinking more water would help those headaches as well. Of course, our anxiety makes us more susceptible to having these problems. Here's hoping you soon will be feeling better. Take care.


does the "fuzzy" feeling affect your memory too for example having a conversation with someone yesterday but not remembering it and it feeling like it happened days ago?


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