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Tight chest!


For the past two weeks I keep getting these episodes of a tight chest, it feels like I can't breathe properly and I have to really concentrate on getting it back to normal. Sometimes there is an actual pain with the tight chest, other times it's just difficult to breathe! I've had two chest x Ray's, 2 ecgs and blood tests all done in the past. So is there much point going to the doctors again about all this?! I get really bad lightheadness too! Can anyone relate? :(

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Yes love X I've had all of that for years X it's anxiety and it's not nice X try to relax and deep breath X if you feel you want to see your gp to put mind at rest then go for your own peace of mind X but this is what I've had and I could write a list of anxiety symptoms and I know just how frightening and real they can be like most other people on here X good luck X try and relax X

JLou in reply to Mother-hen1977

It's always reassure to read that they understand what you're going through. I feel so lightheaded! It makes me panick more because I feel like I'm going to pass out :(

I know X that's why we seek reassurance because we worry it's something else serious X I have suffered with panic attacks, anxiety, worry and stress for 20 years and have had every symptom going including feeling Lightheaded, dizzy etc and it's an awful feeling that makes your anxiety worse xx

Try and do something to take your mind off of what you're feeling, I know it's hard but if you persevere you can beat these horrible anxious feelings.

Do you have any puzzles or could you play solitaire, the card game, anything that moves your mind to think about something else will help.

I hope you feel better soon.

Best wishes.


It's quite a new thing for me, I'd say the past year I've had a lot of worry which has developed into me thinking there is something seriously wrong with me. But I've had so many tests. Thankyou both so much for your help xx

My lightheadedness is getting worse! When I lay in bed I just feel like I'm floating, my eye sight keeps going blurry too. Im only 27 and I've gone from being the life and soul to literally doing nothing. I keep panicking I can't calm myself down. My family don't understand because I've said so much is wrong with me and they've had me tested they just don't know what to do with me anymore. I just want to feel normal?! I just want to go too bed and sleep nicely and I can't even do that :(

I've had plenty of your symptoms have u trod to take a motion sickness pill u can get those over the counter my doctor told me too when I felt the dizziness after all my tests done and they found nothing it worked for me also are u taking anything for the anxiety any meds

Hi Jlouise, after having had chest xray, ekgs, and blood tests you can be pretty sure it is from the chest wall muscle. It's one of the places anxiety decides to take over. The harder you try to expand your chest the tighter it seems to get and so you start panting which then causes the lightheadedness. Try some deep relaxation techniques. Being cold will not make you relax, so try putting a heat pak around your shoulders, sit down with a pillow behind your back so your chest is open and you are not slumping. Slowly take deep breathes in and hold and then exhale to a longer breathe. Slow is the thing.

It will not only take away the bad lightheadness but eventually open up those tight

muscles of your chest and diaphragm making it easier to breathe. Practice makes perfect. One more thing is to hydrate and please no caffeine until you are feeling better. You will be okay :)

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