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Bad thoughts


Im a nice person wouldnt even hurt a bug if had the choice but for some reason i have thoughts of hurting people no one in general and as soon as i have this thought i freak out and hate my self, i know it goes back a long way when i was in a abusive relationship and the only way for him to stop was my thoaght to kill him, i didnt of coarse and took my self straight up to the hospital knowing somthing was wrong with me, i suffered a break down and still didnt tell anyone about my thought i was scared they would lock me away, 26 years later it is still my trigger for anxiety i have learn to cope but the thought never leaves

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Honey you need help! There is nothing to be ashamed of. You need to find help ASAP! Find a therapist, or just go to your gp, please.. You can control it now, but if you don't take care of it, it can get our of hand.. You won't get locked up, you might just need some help, they might give you some meds to stop the fellings!! Hugs

It sounds like you're having intrusive thoughts. That's actually a symptom of anxiety or OCD. Medication and therapy should be able to get it under control. As long as you realize these thoughts are irrational you are not going crazy or anything like that.

No im not crazy and i am on meds low dose i have also suffered postnatel depression 3 times, i have a great job and im quite happy most of the time its really stupid the thourght its gone as soon as it comes becuase my brain knows i hate it, its not every day its every couple of months

Hi Hun I and the same as you I have vile thoughts of hurting people it's scares me and I just know I wouldn't do it I'm a nice caring girl what would help anyone, and I was in a vile relationship to Hun and my thoughts started then.... It's very hard I've been trying to cope it but Recently I've Been bad it's horrible sound like you could have OCD do you have to say something to correct it? X keep strong it's hard but all u can do

I have coped and the anxiety i have had anxiety on and off for twenty years it doesnt scare me as much as i used too i have excepted i have a illness and i believe in my self, i should up my meds but i like to try and deal with it because i just feel im masking it when taking meds

Im just glad im not alone even that helps and makes me feel normal

Someone5673 is right. This is a symptom of anxiety and is called OCD intrusive thoughts. I know someone who has the same symptom. I've known him for a couple years. You should look into this so you feel more at ease. It is a proven fact that those of us with this symptom actually never act on the thoughts. There are therapies that are really good for getting rid of the unwanted thoughts as well. You're fine and are going to stay that way.

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