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The " BAD " thoughts

So recently i feel down a bit because i was about to call off my engagement, and it was a day of crying , then we fixed things and everything was ok ,

But i started having i wanna die thoughts and i hate them because i dont want to die , i start having i might kill my self and i get scared , but then its not the first time i got it but i hate when i get them they are annoying and you dont feel safe and you have thought why just not die and whats the point of life and all this, i dont want to have these thoughts in my brain i just want them to disappear or i want to be watched or feel safe ? Do you get it?

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I get what your saying I've reached that point before. But it's supper important you let your partner know so they're there to support you and maybe try seeing a psychologist to talk about what you're feeling. Therapy works

Take care


Thanks so much i know i went and i know how to handle them i did before but they came back im just tired from them

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Do you think you may feel trapped ? Are you really happy in your relationship?


Yes , i just got in a shock that i cant live without him i think that what triggered the thoughts back and i want them to go away forever


NEVER give up on love!!! Love is what keeps us going. But as denvajade asked....do you feel trapped? Is this what you really want? Love is love and it’s worth fighting for but love that is trapping can blind us


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