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Well iv been posting a couple of days now but maybe i should expain abit about ne . I am 35 4 amazing kids and divorced my depression started i feel when i found out mum was ill she was my world i only moved out of home 4 doors away so i had a amazing relationship with my mum she got diagnosed with cabcer and trued very hard to fight it ( found out she only did the treatment for me ) well sge lost her battle she fell asleep in my arms 3 years ago .... well iv struggled really ever since miss her so much. I got poirly 8 weeks ago which docs say viruses etc but my anxiety has increased but reading on here i think its health anxiety as i so scared ill leave my kids . ( i have had 3 viruses 8 weeks ) so i joined here to realise am not alone in feeling like i do and maybe make friends with people who understand how i feel . X


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  • Hi,I suffer with health anxiety,over the past few months a few people I know have passed away,I have a daughter and I'm so scared something will happen to me and she won't have a mum,I've suffered with this for 3 years now,with dizzyness,head pains,feeling like I'm going crazy,I've been to the hospital a few times and every test came back clear,my anxiety comes and goes now,something I have to live with but I know if there was something wrong with me it would have happened by now,the symptoms are scary but know there not dangerous,hope u fight it xx

  • Its awful i no how u feel hun . Just want to feel better and fight this x

  • This forum helps me loads tho,when I talk to ppl that suffer the same I sort of feel normal again xx

  • Ive only been on here for nearly a week now, its reassuring to just be able to reach out & there is always someone who can empathize & help you. Over the last 3 years I have lost both Dad & Mum. It leaves a huge hole in your life and in your heart. For me this loss has brought on my depression, I have no drive nor any enthusiasm to do anything other than get through the days. I'm on antidepressants which are new ish, I wish I could wave a magic wand & for everything to be okay, until I find the wand, I'm taking one day at a time. We are here for you 😊 xx

  • Think my anxiety started when my dad had a heart attack a few years back,I was always an out going person,always went places on my own ie clothes shopping,gym,but now I can't do that,find it really hard driving too,always the mo I'm shaking and my head feels strange but I'm sure it will pass,it's just very scary xx

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