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Anxiety about sleeping?

Hello, I have got some X-rays done and found my stomach is inflamed and I have a stool blockage by my stomach in my intestines.. I'm still nervous there could be something else as well as I'm always feeling light headed and stomach pain.. I'm scared to go to sleep as I feel I won't wake up due to many friends passing away lately.. How do I get over insomnia? It's driving me crazy every night

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That's the million dollar question! I too have trouble falling asleep, to me some things help, like playing anti stress games online, doing breathing exercises, and I also take a melatonin pill that I buy at an organic products store before going to bed. The thing is, the less you think that you need to go to sleep, the faster you fall asleep. So basically you need to find a night activity that will at the same time relax you, and distract you from the worry of having to sleep. Hope everything will get better :-)

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I just left a post saying same about me. I am going to go hosp. Tomorrow. Please tell me what test were done to see ulcers, & everything that's going on? I to know something bad is going on.


I had the abdominal X-ray, and then a barium X-ray where you swollow barium and they make you move around and hold breath. I am being called in to do another x Ray next week.. Hope all is well with you and keep updated :) ps if you have the barium test you do get cramping or atleast I did and it's scary but it's just the barium as its harsh for you. Don't worry!


You should eat soft food like smoothies, shake and soup. Eat healthy and exercise to improve your sleep and immunity.


Thank you for responding in a timely manner. I am at hosp. Pray they do what needs to be done . Again. Thank you!


Hope everything goes well, another helpful tip is using heat for cramps.. I make a rice bag and heat it up in microwave it's really helpful to sleep with or to put in different areas.. It will get better!


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