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Worried about sleeping

Does anybody get more anxious at night time when its time to go bed? I get more pains etc at night time and worried to sleep. It's starting to make me feel depressed rather than anxious as i wanna be my normal self. I get arm pain and stomach pain at night :( anyone found a way to relax more at night and does anyone else feel this way. Its good to talk to people who the the same feelings so i know im not alone

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Hey Adam. It's alright! I got that a lot a few years ago when going to bed felt like such a burden! I had a lot of phobias because of my severe anxiety and depression disorder, including taking showers and eating any kind of food - like i'd eat not to die and my showers were under 3 minutes... YEah, I feel you. I'm all better now and feel normal. I had to go through hell and accept it for it to fade away, but it was really bad for years. Try mc2 method - I know that helped - and try to accept the way you feel; this has helped me the most. Like saying "So what?" to all of your thoughts. Like what's the worst that could happen and if that really happened, so what? Bring it on! Don't try to be normal as only if you accept that you're not normal and that you do have fears and bad days, which you have to accept and even appreciate for the humanness they grant you, it's OK. SO what!


Adam, you can start with what "IsItMe2" said in his reply. Read it over a couple times. It's true, it takes turning those negative thoughts around to positive ones. Besides doing that, you can turn to using relaxation methods before bed and deep breathing. I do that morning and night to keep me in balance. But once you are up, it goes back to thinking "SoWhat"?


Ive just been trying to sleep and got a sudden pain in top left chest have you ever experienced this with anxiety? Im worried now


Yes! It's one of the most common symptoms of anxiety. It's a sharp pain that doesn't stay for longer than a couple of seconds, right? It's so real, it feels like it's serious. Serious chest pain is dull and inside the middle of your chest and you're suffocating and your shoulder hurts too.

You're fine.

Try to clear your mind when you go to sleep, if you can. Find guided meditation online, it will help.


I had that too a couple months ago. I had severe insomnia from my panic disorder and derealization. I was afraid to sleep because of fear of not waking up. Magnesium helped me soooooo much! Helped me sleep thru the night comfortably and also helped with my racing thoughts. The first night I took magnesium my sleep came back! I still have panic disorder and DR like 5% but sleep is no longer an issue for me

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Hi Rywifey, so much magnesium available I don't know which to use. Would you be kind enough to tell your brand and what strength? Thank you


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