Scared! Reply asap! :(

I have panic disorder for about one month now. I'm on no meds.well not yet and i hope i wont. For a week i found out i've been having intrusive thoughts thats even keeping me up at night. I also get feelings/fear that i'm gonna die soon (impending doom) type of feeling. I dread these feelings. Its like my mind is taking over. Does these things happen to anyone? How do i stop these thoughts? Will this anxiety kill me or its just my mind?

Thanks for any advice.


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  • Hi I get all these I have since August last year its not easy but try take ur mind of it, I sing to myself or put music on, I always find it hard to fall asleep cos of the bad thoughts too but u won't die, I used to think it myself but its just in are heads xxxx

  • thank u claire!! music does help. sometimes i can easily control my thoughts, other times the feelings are so real.

  • I have had those thoughts. Ive been to the docs 4 times in the space of a week and a and e. Everything was fine. Its hard to gett the thoughts out of your head but ive been trying to do things I enjoy to take my mind off things. You wont die. Have you been to the doctors?

  • :) yes jojo. been to er,docs many times. in physically fine. they all say i have anxiety/panic.Thanks for your advice.

  • hi rushaine, my o/h gets these awful intrusive thoughts, it can be anything from, things that have happened in her past, things that she is not proud of ,things in the news , ie, catastrophies any where in the world, accidents to people that she has no control of, just general anxietys about anything , the more she tries to stop them the worse they seem to get, she is trying to bring sense to these thoughts by trying to live for today, not in the past , which you can do nothing about, but by living for this moment , ( now ) which you can do something about, love jasper xx

  • thank you very much for your advice.No i have no past situations i worry about. just having feelings/thoughts of impending doom.

  • I promise you that you're not going to die and you're not alone on having these feelings/thoughts. My best advice is to try to remember that ea h of panic attacks and anxiety will pass but that you need to try to find a psychiatrist or doctor that you can talk to honestly about your feelings and what you're going through. Number one that alone is therapeutic amc helps mitigate the extreme feelings of dread and despairs and waiting to die. And number two, they will be able to figure out if/what medicines or other help you need up deal w what you're going through. I hope this helps! Just know you're not the only one and you have a support system here at least.

  • thank you so much. great advice. i needed that. i will be seeing a psychologist tommorow to know where to go from there.

  • Hope it feeling bets rushaine

  • yes i am. Just needed someone to remind me that i'll be fine cause sometimes i forget.

  • Hi

    1st u aren't going to die. It is in yr head n u work yrself up dwelling on it... I worked myself up until I caused chest pains n went to cardio dr.. Etc... I too wouldn't sleep would start to doze n get that I'm falling frightening feeling n bolt up... I would stay up 36 hrs n cry mind wouldn't focus on anything I wanted ppl around me but than wouldn't ... Felt alone n like I was crazy.. Went to dr after 20 min talk she wanted me to take hard core meds... Said I had a manic hyper bi polar break.... Well I wouldn't take the meds.. So I begged dr for different way.. She knocked me out for solid 24 hrs which relaxed things n I went out walking with friends I'm talking long exhausting walks n chatted here n Fb when alone in middle of nite n couldn't sleep n didn't allow myself to fear it... Well episodes lessened n I'm in total control now n have plans in place if it happens.

  • thanks for your advice. And yes your right. its all in my head and i spend alot of time dwelling on it. making it worst giving me panic attacks. i've talking to friends who told methat this impending doom tging is a normal symptom as well. I use to fear being alone but now i can cause step by step i'm facing my fears. :)

  • Glad your feeling more positive x

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