Can someone help ?

Sometimes even when the door goes or if theres noise in the street my heart really goes off the scale,even if my family knock on the door i wanna hide in the kitchen,i used to be really popular at school and this isnt like me,some days i also feel weak and just dont wanna move from my seat,i took a big step the other week and started running and gym which is great and i feel amazing after but still get those horrid days,my g.p put me on citalopram (20mg) but i dont fee/l they worked to well and just made me really sweat which made me paranoid,he also gave me beta blockers which just seemed to slow me down,i just want to know if anyone else has the same problems and can suggest anything to help,also what foods to eat....(i do drink alot of tea and pepsi which i know ant good)


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  • I hate loud noise and hate it when Im walking my dogs and a motorbike or fast car goes by

    Not sure about diet, eat plenty of protein and pasta

  • How long you been taking Citalopram for?

  • I stopped taking them mate but it was for about 8 weeks,i couldnt go out cuz my armpits were like taps,constantly currently on nothing but am hoping by training and eating better i can get my anxiety down without chemical intervention.

  • I've only took them for 3 days but they have made me a mess. So I don't no if I should stop them or not.

  • Ashley i do know that u do feel shitty at first but they do kick in after a while,i made the mistake of stopping without talking to gp and it was awful,just make sure u stay close with ur g.p..........but id say give it a few more weeks first ok.

  • Mate shitty is an understatement. I thought I was dying this morning. So I'm just gonna stop taking it. I know it's only been 3 days but my mum and dad are shouting at me to get up and do stuff and I just don't have the energy so I'll have to get back to normal myself.

  • Hi Quikness I understand this from my own experience of it years ago now. I can honestly say if you get hold of a book or CD by Claire Weekes, you will understand better how to shake it off and recover. Claire Weekes' CD's and books really help. Good luck, SL :)

  • Where could i get these from swanlinnet ? Ill deffo give it a look :-)

  • I agree with swanlinnet, they helped me so much

    Also check if you can get them cheaper on amazon etc

  • Ive just been reading about her and what a fantastic lady,shes helped so many ppl,deffo going to be giving this a shot....thanks guys

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