No confidence, and constant worry

I have been trying to take a day at a time with this stress and anxiety. But work isn't helping. my boss has agreed to take some of the stuff off of me so I don't have so much on my plate. It doesn't help when two of the members of my team despite their age behave like they are children and this makes things very hard, the team also have no confidence in my boss which is why they complain about him to me and generally any problems its all layed at my door and im struggling to cope with it all. I'm starting to realise this is a big part of my stress and anxiety, as I actually type this im feeling a bit better getting it out. my mum said I should go over my bosses head and speak to my operations manager about how im feeling, but id feel funny about that. although I have broken down with him once to his face and once in an email, telling him the team have no confidence in him and that they feel he doesn't listen, I cant solve all their problems myself. Im in two minds wether to ask for a transfer more central and more supported or just leave the job ive been trying to get for some years, I don't want to but if my health is gonna suffer and im gonna end up in therapy for life and on meds for life and I do worry about that then there is not a lot I can do, its killing me. maybe Team Leader is my limit, maybe for my health I should step down and be a team member.

the thing is tho my boss was praising me and telling me he has told our boss that im good at my job and that he doesn't see me being in Wimbledon past a year and sees me with my own unit but I cant see it. My low self esteem and low self confidence wont allow me to see it. My stress and anxiety has really got to me and im not sure what to do. I don't want to let anyone down and I don't want to appear to be weak, ive worked my arse off, maybe to my detriment, to get to where I am today to let anyone take it away from me. So you see I don't know what to do. Hoping the sooner I can get this therapy malarkey started the better.


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  • but im out to a family wedding, so need to put a happy face on

  • Let us no how you go on , you may be surprised & enjoy it , I do hope so


  • Hi Kimbers

    I wish I could help you on this one more with the work front but havnt been in your position , so not really qualified to give advise , I am sure someone will see this though that has & will have some for you

    Is there no one you could trust at work & confide in how you feel , if they knew just how this is making you feel , I would hope they would offer you support

    It sounds to me that you are very good at your job & your anxiety is making you doubt your ability

    I have seen your other post & think it would be a brilliant idea to go back & see your GP , let them no how you are feeling & about the meds

    Stay in today ( I no it can be hard ) but enjoy the Wedding , have a lovely time

    Let us no how you go on




  • Wedding was awesome, some good family time, think I needed it to reconnect

  • Wedding was awesome, some good family time, think I needed it to reconnect knackered now tho

  • Really pleased you had a good time ,I no you felt a little anxious , so well done


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