I want my life back!

I've been dealing with anxiety/depression for the past 7 months and it all started after my grandma died.I get thoughts of that I'm stuck in my head with my thoughts and that I'm invisible to the world.I have chest pain and head pain and I worry about it to much and I always go to the hospital and my test results are always normal .Ive been seeing a therapist for the past 6 months.I just really want my life back free from thinking these thoughts and worrying so much.Does anyone else know what i can do to get my life back or goes threw what I am going threw?Thanks for reading my post.


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  • You should really try some ginger tea that helps you relax how to ease your mind and just relax while you're drinking your tea ocean wave music relaxes me I mean you can go ahead and give it a try and when you go to see if you can also play it on YouTube they have the eight-hour music One it puts me right to sleep makes me so relaxed I used to not be able to sleep also I hope all is well

  • Okay I'll try that out

  • Hi Jason, when people die who we love it turns our world upside down and it changes you. You need more time to deal with losing your grandma. It triggers all kinds of anxietys and emotions. You will get your life back but the best thing you can do is talk about it. Talking is good therapy.dont keep the feelings inside.keep talking about it on here till you start to feel better. If you have people in your family you can talk too then do that too.it won't be just you feeling this way, keep doing things you enjoy doing. Keep yourself busy and talk!! Il always be around as well as lots of other people too. I've lost people I love and it's easier for me to deal with now with the passing of time.

  • Okay thanks for the advice

  • Are you taking any benzos or antidepressants

  • Yes Celexa

  • How long you been on celexa?

  • 1 week

  • Celexa should help alot give it 4 to 5 weeks to kick in

  • They should of given you some benzos in the mean time

  • I was on Klonopin

  • And ok

  • It's very normal after extreme stress. I was pretty much anxiety free for 10 years and after a bad flu thrashed my body and almost killed my mom my anxiety relapsed. It happens, it sucks but I'm still making the trip to work everyday and hoping to get better soon.

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