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Head feels like it was falling asleep


It scared me i was relaxing and boom it felt like my head was falling asleep for a couple seconds felt like when ur foot is going to sleep. What is this? I was awake and relaxed

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It might be you were tired and actually having a "cat nap".Happens to me when studying or concentrating too long on a project. :) x

I hear you. It’s annoying that things like that and feeling tired remind me of feeling disassociated and trigger my anxiety. Anxiety feels similar to the dissasociation of being really tired hence why my anxiety is worse when I am. But also normal things the body does can trigger anxiety in me like chest pain or dry throat etc. we’re all going to be ok! Sending positive energy your way... expedited shipping. Lol

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I get sooo anxious when I'm tired also... I obsess over it.. always wonder why I am tired or why am I getting tired when I slept good

Extreme tiredness, I get this a lot, try get a solid 8 hours sleep a night :-)

Hi Ashley1489 how are u any progress with diziness am still struggling since 2015 till now no miracle yet for diziness

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Still lightheaded every day

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