Anxiety ?

I've been posting a lot lately trying to figure out what's going on with me, I've noticed my period has been coming earlier and earlier each month and it's light.. I've had some bleeding in my butt but nothing to worry about my doctor says as she thinks it's a hemeroid. But today I went to poo and there was a lot of bright blood on my poo and I wiped and idk if it's from my period or my butt.. I'm scared I've never had that much blood come from my butt..


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  • If its bright red its prob piles that have popped i have that quiet a lot try not to panic x

  • Thank you I'll see how long it lasts, it's nice to know I'm not alone thank you. xx

  • I've had this X when I'm anxious my periods can go 2 weekly X and piles bleed sometimes and I have a lot of blood also X if your not convinced then go and see your gp for peace of mind X but anxiety and stress effects your periods xxxxx

  • I don't think it's an emergency for me as I seem to have physical symptoms from anxiety as well that make me go crazy.. This is prob just another anxiety reason.. Thank you :)


  • Try not to worry, ive noticed in the past when my anxiety level is up things fall out of sequence periods etc. Monitor yourself say for about 2 weeks, keep a diary, if you're like me by the time I need to tell the doctor I've forgotten so I find it helps to keep notes. You know your body if you're not happy then persist for answers or a 2nd opinion. Xx

  • Good idea, thank you !

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