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Anxiety & understanding , during menstrual

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I only wanted to like rant on . I'm currently on my 5th day on my period. I don't get the reason why I'm still fatigued. I feel as though NOT ONE PERSON CARES. While having anxiety, once PMS comes it's ridiculous. My mood is complete crap, along with my hormones . I've written a reply to one girl's post on this , I have yet to see my gyno for the fatigue , because ppl would rather care about them. It's annoying ..I'm always on the edge of my seat , over-analyzing things with me. I haven't eaten yet..I only wish more ppl would care & be of some support. It's a challenge getting healthy , plus doing so on my cycle because none of the ppl in my house eat healthy. Anyways my list of crap as of now , fatigue times a trillion, anxious , acid reflux, nausea, etc,. I gotta be tough , I guess. I'm there for others , why can't I have the same 😔😕😒....? Well, anyone else feeling like poo on their cycle who also has anxiety're not alone. My health anxiety is nuts .

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I totally agree !! Hormones have alot to do with my moods and anxiety goes theough roof! No contraceptive agrees with me and my messed up mind.

I always feel terrible before and during my cycle. My anger and anxiety is worse and I get super fatigued as well. Don't know of its depression linked or just hormones. It sucks but try not to let it set you back too much. No one is having an amazing time during their period.

Yeah I know. It seems like the issues are amplified even more because of my anxiety , that's all . It's draining but yeah I'm going to definitely relax more while on my period.

My anxiety appeared in my teens and then resurfaced worse than ever after I gave birth. Hormones and anxiety ate definitely linked for me. The mood and anger are the worst because until you feel better you can't tell that out is the anxiety or pms speaking, it feels like you. I stopped taking contraceptive pill a long time ago but I may have to resume just to get some hormonal balance.

You're not alone, but people without anxiety find it hard to understand how debilitating it is.

Exactly! :/

Seriously crazy I feel like I'm akways coming down the the flu , im due on in what 6 days !! I'v had a few good daY's this week but tonight feel like life has been sucked out of me I ache all over its the anxiety this causes needs fir us we need more investigation into hormones / anxiety , im sleeping ok than normal but cam wake up like ding it's awful usually suffer terrible insomnia wish there was a miracle, feel crap headed pain free, bloated free, anxiety totally free , I really got to get my bloods done as feel fuzzy headd again pins needles could be lack of iron. Really want to turn my health around and cycle just gets in the way of life. Binkynoo x

Oh wow , that sounds rough. You'll be fine..binky xo. Yeah I think so too. I want to check my hormones because this recent period of mine was a mess.

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