Is it possible that my nipple is causing a lot of my pain? I've stated pulling it as a nervous habit now as it is near to my heart. Whenever my nipple touches my clothes I can feel my

Heart beat through it. It's really annoying and keeps me anxious. It's very big now and also bruised and tender. I keep having pains under my left armpit that worry me too. I've had so many heart scans but I've been experiencing chest pains non stop for 6 weeks now no let up!!!


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  • Hi nipples are quite sensitive and if your pulling it out of nerves then it could certainly bruise and become sore. Pop to docs to check it out but if you leave it alone pop some cream on it then let it heal. You could put some breast pads into your bra to stop it rubbing on your clothes while it heals. X

  • I don't have a bra I'm a man! Haha sandy is a nickname as didn't wanna use my real name. Embarrassing isn't it. Literally just pull it all day away from my chest and it kills now! I can't stop it I stop myself th two mins later I'll be doing it again. I across prod around under my breast bone a lot and it's gone dry and sore now. It's a living nightmare. Also have to take deep breaths in / sighs every few minutes. Worries about that but apparently it's just due to hyperventilation

  • Ah sorry!!!!! Maybe put a large plaster over instead? 🤓 in regards to your other symptoms it's all anxiety and the nipple pulling thing is a habit. Can you get some counselling or cbt? X

  • Currently paying for cbt and hypnotherapy. Had a panic attack during my last session so that was a waste of time.

  • It does take time to address our issues and we will always need to continue to work on them. Try sticking to it x

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