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Please help its back again chest pain and every other symptoms known to anxiety

I am 36 year old male very active happily married 2 kids ...and anxiety,and heath anxiety is runing my life chest pains all the time feel like im having a heart attack every day I get new symptoms every year and they come and go sometimes I have good days then back again. driving me crazy gggrrrr

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I started back on paxil a month ago I was off it for 2 years ..it helped withsome of the symptoms but the chest pain is the most common symptom at this point when I am busy I dont feel to bad its when im resting the pain is there and it moves all over it is not in the center of my chest its off to the upper left ..and exertion dose not bother me ..I am 5 foot 11" 184 lbs very active with work and play


I completely agree. I was/am experiencing heart palpitations and pretty intense chest pain/racing pounding heart. My dr ordered a heart monitor to wear for 14 days. Still have it on. If you are concerned, please be proactive instead of reactive like me. Go get it checked out. Its worth the peace of mind love. All the best to you.


I dont get racing heart at all I have a consistent resting heart rate and during exertion it gose to a normal rate ...but I still get chest pains all the time during rest almost any time they come and go then the mind starts racing about everything .. my wife noticed I was checking my pulse almost every 2 min it drives me nuts and it realy conlrols your mind ..

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