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Very stressed by all these feelings

I'm so tired of this. From when I wake up in the morning I wake up all worried thinking things are really wrong. This happens every morning and I'm having a really hard time fixing this issue. I have costochondritis so my chest will be hurting in the morning. I've been so worried that I'm dying or doctors aren't catching something.

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I know how that is. And iam sorry your feeling this way. Do you get anxiety attacks when you worry? Rapid heart beat etc?? If so, take it one step at a time. Deep relaxed breaths. I wake up feeling anxious and worried something bad will happen. And i feel noone should have to wake up upset. We should be feeling happy and thankful that God gave us an opportunity of waking up another day. Hope you feel better hun God bless xoxo


I don't have a pounding heart during panic attacks. I have somotization disorder as well so my mind will think something is really wrong with my body. Yes I don't have a reason to worry about dying. I am very thankful that God gave me this day. When the mind gets stuck on a thought like this it can really wear one out.


You are so right.. It does wear one out. I wake up with those thoughts every single morning. For no reason, ever since my very first panic attack in November. Also have Depersonalization/Derealization who doesn't help at all. I just want to be Normal again, when I never had these morbid thoughts. I miss when I woke up and it was just a new normal happy day. It's so frustrating. This morning I woke up, had regular dreams, and still Bam!! 30 sec after I open my eyes, thoughts of what if I die soon or how will I? Started racing through my head like usual and now my stomach is tight and in a knot and I feel depressed. It's awful


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