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Finding modern technology very stressful

I bought a new mobile phone on Wednesday because my old one was worn out & I needed to update. I`m very happy with my new one & all it`s great functions, like direction finder, which will help me not get lost when in strange areas, &it`s got a better camera than my old phone. A couple of things are really driving me up the wall, though, & that`s the fact that i can`t seem to get the thing to store phone numbers, & make calls! Why don`t these gadgets come with a usre manual? I have the same trouble with my laptop, again, no user manual!, & I`m always having unwanted windows popping up, & the print on the page keeps changing size when I`m trying to write something. It drives me up the wall!

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google the name and model number.

my manual was printed too small, so I did this.


Bless you , I am no good with it all either , you made me laugh though when you said "its a good phone except I cant seem to get it to store numbers and make calls " :-D

Take Sandra's advice , hope you soon get it working





Lol, me too, I'm such a technophobe, comes from being around too long. I remember before all this wizardry. I only use my phone for receiving calls as I can't be arsed putting credit on it as I don't like using it. If I don't know the number it doesn't get answered.

So join the club lol your not alone xxx


Yep I think we have all found technology a pain and frustrating at some time or another. I have for sure, and even with a user manual at times...good luck, I'm sure pretty soon you will be using that phone to the full and enjoying it....I certainly hope so..sometimes when I feel mad with things like that I leave it alone for a couple of hrs and go back to it, that may not help you but it seems to work for me...

Sue x


Lol, this method also works well for furniture assembly. Just walk away, put the tools down and the kettle on and wait for my OH to get home to finish the job. At least I got it out of the box lol xxx


I agree - knowing when to stop is a good point. You can try again next day. Eventually you will master it. Computers are the same. After all phones these days are just mini-computers.


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