feeling very nervous

I am a full time carer for my wife, so I try to keep as fit as I can so I can look after my wife, used to do half marathons , the gym, but over the last 2 months having terrible pain from my knees, scan shows artio-arthritis , ( severe wear & tear ) doctor wants me to have cortisone injections, has anyone ever had one, sounds bloomin painful as well. love from the wimp jasper xx

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  • Hi Jasper xx oh wow you sound super fit to be running marathons, I feel exhausted watching them run on tv :) x Its good that you are keeping as fit as possible for your wife, who I hope is well today x The injection you describe, although i have never had one, my hubby has them for his rhem arthritis and had one in his knee for similar to yourself x I wont lie he said it was a little uncomfortable and ached a little after but a few days later he said the benefits far out weighed the rest. He could move with ease the aches had vanished and it made him a lot happier as he was frustrated due to the pain x Your not a wimp me and needles are a no to lol x Hope it all goes well and your back up and running soon x Donver x

  • thanks for that donver, barely walk on the knee now so cant be any worse, any relief would be great. love jasper xx

  • What about knee replacement?

  • You're no wimp Jasper. Today after talking to my daughter about my surgery tomorrow said I needed to have some balls. My daughter replied you have balls mum. To which my granddaughters added..nannie you do have balls..lots of them in the playroom...out of the mouth of babes x

  • Oh kick that made me laugh lol x Oh kids are the best medicine are,nt they x :)

  • hi kickit, thanks, hope your surgery goes well, here is me worried about an injection, love jasper xx

  • Hello Mr Newton

    I have had them in my elbows Mr Newton , they really don't hurt

    My Mum had really bad arthritis & had them often she never complained & the relief after is well worth it

    I would come & hold you hand if i could but you could get one of those i pod things & have Will-i-am playing that will distract you & you wont know they have done it :-D

    Seriously though I don't think you would regret having them & it is the fear of the unknown with these things but once you have been you will see there was nothing to fear

    Hope you will go because it is so worth it :-)




  • You kill me with that willy fixation bev, LOL !

  • What fixation are we talking about Pete me obsessed with Will-i-am :-/


  • HA! HA!, night night kiddo !,

  • Night Pete :-)


  • cheers whywhy, doc said you could be put on the waiting list, ( 18 months) or cortisone, went for the quickest, thanks for the offer tho, the boss says just get on with it , you wouldn't hear a woman complain, well that's me told. love jasper xxx

  • :-D Well said Mrs Newton

    She is right of course :-/


  • HI jasper I wish you luck with the cortisone injections, im sure the discomfort will be short lived ,we all need a little help every now and then .

    pete .

  • thanks bepete, having a job even walking around, so hopefully cortisone helps, love jasper xx

  • Hi Mr & Mrs Newton

    I haven't spoke to you before so I will say hello. I had a knee replacement 2 years ago it was the best thing I had, before that I had injections every 6 months or so. No your not a wimp and as why why said they don't hurt my doctor gives local anaesthetic first. Love to you and your wife. Xx

  • hi cloggs, thank you, and lovely to meet you, yes I have heard they freeze the knee first, ( bloomin hope so ).said if it didn't work replacement would be next, love jasper xx

  • I've been told I will need two replacement's within the next five years, yikes!!.

    Although im becoming used to the surgeons knife after my recent past.

  • Hey!

    You're not a wimp at all. I work in admin in a hospital and people tolerate these injections really well. There aren't many cases where people don't feel a benefit immediately or complain about the procedure itself being painful.

    It's mild, it's short lasting, and you're lucky it's external - I need to go for a more invasive procedure soon and I am sweating buckets about it because I have health anxiety too! Good luck and let me know how you're getting on! :)


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