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So many questions:/

Where do I start I guess the first question is if your stressed a lot can that weaken your immune system cause I seem to be getting quite a few colds? 2nd question I sometimes get a pain in my left temple a throbbing pain and sometimes like mild headache at the front of the head and between the eyes is this anxiety? I've felt pretty spaced out today and not felt all there and like my body's gonna shut down not being able to concentrate my eyes feel wrong it's so hard to explain but its bin going on for a couple hour now starting to think there's something really wrong with me and eating away at me:/ it's so hard to keep telling ya self it's anxiety when you feel like this so many different things happening to me:/ I've always bin a worrier since I was a kid always had a fear of dying it mild out abit as I grew up but boom it's back worse than ever it's stopping me going out and everything don't wanna be put on medication cause I've heard bad things about some of them just so confused , I just wanna feel normal again 😔

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Hi mate

First of all stress can weaken the immune system but your immune system is a powerful part of the body it can ward of most things if given the right nutrients, rest periods etc. i feel spaced out a lot of the time its pretty horrible i feel as if im drunk and sometimes feel as if im walking leaning back on something if that makes sense? all in all its anxiety most likely and we just have to try and accept it and work around it to our best ability's one thing i will say about medication is dont be put of by it from what others say if you really are struggling and you need it then maybe it will help you out?

Hang in there your not alone we are together :)


Thanks mate:) yeah I know what you mean lol just a horrible feeling ain't it, thank you for replying


Yeah mate its not nice how old are you ?


19 mate


yeah im 22 aswell mate it seems to be coming more common in young people

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