Can someone tell me if its a medical problem or just anxiety?😢 my anxiety got bad around January after I had to go through something pretty rough, I've constantly been worrying about every pain, in and out of doctors to tell me I have anemia and that's about it, but they don't listen when I tell them about my pains cause it's impossible for anxiety make you have severe headaches, not being able to eat cause you feel sick and even the thought of food makes you wanna vomit, pains in my joints and forgetting things easily, and sometimes a sore heart, how can worrying so much in your head cause physical pains just to make the worrying worse 😨😰


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  • Hello

    It is not impossible that anxiety will cause all the symptoms you are suffering but very hard to accept when we are suffering , we get convinced that this must be something else which then causes the fear that feeds the anxiety and the symptoms

    Have you said to your Doctor or asked could they give you an explanation what all these things you feel are and if they say they believe it is anxiety then ask what they can offer you to help deal with the anxiety , you don't have to go on meds if you do not want to there are lots of different therapies you can be referred for but we do sometimes have to ask :-)

    You are not alone with these symptoms so many posts with people explaining they feel just the same as you , I have in the past but the more we can control our anxiety you will find they will subside :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you! But would you consider those anxiety symptoms? They just come and go, I noticed it's bad when I'm alone but when I'm with family or friends it seems to fade away for a while x

  • Personally yes I would consider them as anxiety symptoms you would be amazed if you ever looked up some of these lists that quote the symptoms you can feel when anxious they list almost everything you could feel also is a sign that they are when you have noticed when you are with family & friends they fade which happens a lot when we have anxiety and we are distracted but come back when we are on are own :-) x

  • I agree with Bounce, anxiety can do just about anything you can imagine.

  • Have your B12 levels been checked

    This is a link to list of the symptoms of B12 deficiency


    getting a proper diagnosis - should you think that it is likely - can be very difficult - so if you think it is a possibility I would recommend joining the PAs forum on healthunlocked

  • Omg I relate to all those symptoms!!😰 is it dangerous enough to cause damage?? Im taking iron tablets but still feeling queasy most of the time x

  • it can be serious if left untreated - but relatively easy to treat. PA isn't anaemia (a blood disorder) but it can cause anaemia - generally macrocytosis - large deformed red blood cells. You need to talk to your GP if you think it is likely

  • Im taking ferrous sulphate, is this the right medication for that?

  • join the PAS forum and go and see your doctor - ferrous sulphate would be right for an iron based anaemia - but it isn't right for a B12 deficiency. For B12 deficiency you need B12

  • I had many of the same symptoms as you are having, and my doctor diagnosed that I had tension headaches. He prescribed Butalb (acetaminophen/caffine - oral) ),one to two tablets every 6 hours as needed. Within 24 hours all of symptoms disappeared. Be careful, he warned not to take any other products with acetaminophen while taking it.

    Hope this helps and that you feel better soon!

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