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Has anyone else suffered migraines with anxiety?


I've had a panic disorder since I was a teenager, but in the past 2 years I've been getting regular migraines too. Most of the time if i'm not anxious then I have a migraine, or vice versa. It's hell if I get them at the same time, this usually happens when I go to new places.

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Hi Lucy

I do have experience with migraines

Had a few as a teenager , then as i got older maybe 4 a year , but the last 4 years I was getting them up to 4 a month !!! now they seem to be once a month

Anxiety is something that I am sure is a cause of migraines , along with hormones as well in women

Have you had a chat with GP about them , there are laods of things today that you can have to help reduce them & GP will be able to tell you whats best for you

I cannot take anything as i have other health problems , but when I get one I take an asprin for 3 days which seems to be helping , but i did ask my GP before doing so & would advise anyone else to do the same

I do no how you feel , I get the visual disturbance , lasts about 40 mins , then the headache , lasting 4 days , with the feeling like the stuffing has been taking out of me , so i no they are very unpleasant , & on top of anxiety !

Have a chat with GP they should be able to help you manage them

Let us no how you go on

whywhy xxx

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I suffer from general anxiety and panic and over the past year I have been getting migraine every 4 - 6 weeks now they are once a week then I take them every few days. I am on escitalopram for my anxiety and because of this most of the good migraine medicine will counter act my escitalopram so I can only get paracetamol ibuprofen or co codamol

Hi I too suffer with migraines since I've had anxiety I av been prescribed Amitriptyline for both anxiety, insomnia and migraines. Seem to b helping me. X

Thanks everyone. Sometimes it's reassuring to know you're not the only one suffering!

I do take Amitriptyline, and have done so for over 2 years. I'm on the highest reccomended dose of 50mg, but my GP wanted to put it up to 60! I refused as I don't want to become dependent on medication. I tried coming off it last year but had a major relapse and went straight back on it, that freaked me out as the Dr said such a low dosage of anti-depressant shouldn't have affected me that much. Maybe I'm just particularly sensitive to it.

However, they don't do anything for my anxiety :/


Hi Lucy

Boy do I know all about migraines...I take Pregablin (anti epilepsy medication) 200mg 3 x day. they really help in avoiding the attack....Ive been out of work because of them for nearly 2 years and tomorrow I am finally having treatment to get shut of them. Botox on the NHS, no other choice as I get them every 3-5 days and they are vicious.Ask your GP for pregablin, they work on the electrodes in your brain ??(tho Im no expert) best I've ever had

Anxiety too and they get worse if I feel stressed. Hope this helps

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