Help me

I have this werid feeling everyday all

Day and I'm at a lose of what to do it's like a I can't feel my body am my head gets all werid like my vision goes werid and my heart starts beating really fast and I have head aches all the time and I can't even watch tv or go on my phone for more than like 10 min before it gets worse any one plz give me answers to help me


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  • I also have this. I use to go through this everyday sometimes all day sometimes here and there. I can finally say it's gotten better for me so I hope youll feel better soon. My doctors told me it was an anxiety attack. The best you can do is find something that helps relax you for me it's music if that doesn't work I usually have to take the meds my doctor prescribed. I hope this helped ease your mind I know it's scary and hard not to worry.

  • Did it just go or have you been doing something different? I too get issues like this it went away completely for a week after I had s professional massage so I think that is my answer but it's back a week later maybe I need a weekly massage..?

  • I get this wired falling all the time to in my arms legs my eyes are blurry all the time the meds am on are not working I feel useless all the time as it taken over my life

  • You need to see your GP or go to A&E immediately.

  • I truly understand all the things you are saying. The body does a lot of strange things when reacting to the adrenaline going wild. Feeling at a lose and not in control makes us more venerable to the anxiety and so it keeps growing. What I have done is to become proficient in deep breathing as well as relaxation tapes. These are best done on a daily basis when you are not anxious. It is not easy to control one's feelings of fear once the ball gets rolling. It can be done. Sometimes counting backwards from 10 to 0 has helped me, so much so that even when hearing the count down on tv or radio, I can feel my body starting to relax. Like anything else in life, it takes time and practice. When you count down, you need to count slowly as well as deep breathing in order to slow down your heart rate and the rest of your muscles. You need to trick the "anxiety bully" inside you. Make it believe that it can't scare you. Knowing that a lot of our symptoms are caused by anxiety helps, but having a doctor to confirm that this is what is causing your problem will just reassure you. Wishing you Luck. Agora1

  • Please see a therapist. Google anxiety or panic attacks and read the coping information. You are not alone and you are not going crazy. You will get used to it.

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