Feeling weird after a workout

Sometimes I will feel weird after a workout. This doesn't always happen, but it just happened today. I got to sleep a little late last night (2 am). This morning I had 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter about an hour before I worked out. Maybe I should have had more food? I lifted, did abs workouts and did high intensity interval training. I was feeling really tired after working out and almost so tired like I would faint. It went away about 45 minutes after I got home from the gym. I fueled up on an entire container of cottage cheese.

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  • Well you did good having the cottage cheese, great protein.

  • Dehydration, bad sleep, and low blood sugar (not eating enough) make me get the wobbles after a workout. The fatigue you are talking about also reminds me of how I feel when I work out at certain times in my cycle (before period or ovulation) so it can help to track your cycle.

    Keep exercising though, it's helped me so much with my anxiety!

  • Sorry to bother - with your anxiety, do you feel it sometimes gets bad or more intense after a hard session? If so what would help?

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