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Steraline ...agreeing with me or not

The worst I have ever felt on steraline! My head has pressure im hearing buzzing ringing noise in my ears and my arm is numb and pins n needles. I feel far to spacey like im living in a dream world I struggle to wake up from. Im feeling so sad and lost! Last night I couldnt fall asleep Its like Im focussing on my breathing everytime I take a breath so makes me stay awake also keeps my partner awake because he can feel im so tense in bed! I felt ok for the first few days (on 50mg ) but now on day 10 I feel even more CRAZY than I did before I started meds. My hearts going crazy right now its not a normal heart rhythm. I know I cant have a good time tonight with my family when im feeling this way. I dont want to end up being in the house 24.7 or signed of work sick. I constantly avoid busy places and having to socialise I have such a bad fear because I get confused alot and can never follow thought when someone is talking with me. I ZONE OUT daydream all the time!! My state of mind is not healthy at all..I feel so fed up its really unfair :( Can anyone give me some hope that these meds will work???? I think I have more than just anxiety im suffering other stronger really losing my mind.

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Correct me if I'm wrong Sammy but I think the drug is 'Sertraline' ??

I took it for a few weeks and suffered all the symptoms you've described, plus a metallic sound rattling inside my head.

I told my GP it was intolerable (though I know that antidepressants can cause temporary side effects which eventually subside) and he changed them for Paroxetine, which worked immediately.

You're not supposed to stop taking them without supervision, but I did because I feared they were doing actual damage to me in so many ways.

Go back to whoever prescribed them Sammy and insist on an alternative ; you don't have to suffer this way as there'll be other, more

suitable alternatives much fewer, or no side-effects.


I thought all meds came with side effects though? Thanks for replying...I think ill give them a month or so then see the gp. X


They do, but some are so negligible that they're not too problematic, such as constipation, slight dizziness, dry mouth etc.

But the Sertraline completely floored me (& I'm not fainthearted) even after persevering for a couple of months.

But if you can stick it out a bit longer at least your GP will see you've given it a good try. Good luck Sammy. x


I felt really bad when i started taking sertraline which is weird because i had taken it before with no problem. I would be in a very numb relaxed state until 11am every morning . It did get better. Try taking it at a different time of day. I would also yawn all day . Give it a month and if you still feel bad then go back to your doctors.

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