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What is this?

Hi! Zmoney here again with another problem. If u don't know, I'm 16 and my gender is a male. Recently I've been having some very weird tingling sensations on the right side of my chest. It travels to my right shoulder blade, as well as my right hand and the right side of my head. It doesn't hurt but it gets a little panic out of me. This comes and goes. Please someone tell me if I should worry about this. Thanks guys.

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Hi, it almost sounds like a pinched nerve. Being 16, do you work out or are in sports?

Have you seen your doctor regarding this? That would be the first step. Good Luck


I used to play a lot of football. He recommend me to stop. But this happened way after


I'm not a doctor but sometimes repetitive injuries show up later as it did with me. For many years I was a excellent and fast typist. Yeah, years ago that's how we communicated on a keyboard. I was so proud that I always broke the speed record for typing. Well, years later, I started having tingling sensations (almost like an electrical shock) in my right wrist and hand. I found out it was carpal tunnel syndrome due to the pounding my hands took on the typewriter. From the wrist it spread to the fingers but also up the arm to my neck. It's just a thought but a doctor will be able to run some tests to alleviate your fears. Hopefully it is nothing serious, maybe physical therapy might be all you need. Take care.


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