Is this just my anxiety

So. This is my 3rd time posting. Been having a bit of trouble lately. Yesterday went to my GP and told her I was having some double panes on the side of my left breast that goes into my rib side just right next to the breast . They did an EKG. they said everything was fine one line jumped but they weren't worried but they're sending me for an ultrasound. Well now I'm panicked. The pain is not constant. She assured me my heart is fine but I'm still panicked. Anyone ever had this pain?


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  • *corrextions* I have been having random dull kind of sharp pains under and on the side of my left breast that goes to upper left ribs just a little under my armpit*

  • Im at the er now for that reason! I have pains off and on..scary!!

  • Thinking of you. x

  • Thank you! How are you?

  • Worried about you... feel better x

  • I am okay. It just feels sore. That upper part of my left rib cage and armpit area. And some shoulder pain. Waiting on my doctor to call back. Hope your well.

  • Justbreath, wish you well with your doctor's report. x

  • What did the ER say? I hope you are doing well

  • Blood work and xray looks good, to make a appt. with my cardiologist.

  • Everything is going to be alright, there's just too much of us with the same symptoms and it comes out to be anxiety. Just breath.

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