Is this normal?

I had my first anxiety attack a week ago with a heat going over my chest left one side if my neck aching and also made my heart race and my head go light it hasn't been to bad since but tonight it's came back again! Can this happen? It's very scary! And I suffer from very heavy periods and it seems all this started a month ago then my period came and it seems to be the same now! Could they be connected???


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  • Hi Vonnie

    Sorry to hear your having a bad time it could be related to your periods or has anything happened that could have triggered off how your feeling.

    Last year my sister was having terrible sickness and feeling dizzy and heavy periods. After visiting the Doctors on two occasions he put her on the pill because she could not stand feeling that way every month.

    It could be related to your periods make a note this month and see what happens next month. In the meantime try to do some breathing exercises this does help. Big deep breath in and let out in 3 panting puffs and the last push out will stop the light head.

    If you are really anxious and scared i suggest you go along to see your Doctor to get confirmation.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Sending big hugs.

    Seyi xxx

  • Thanx have been to docs she sure it's anxiety I thought u would have to feel worked up before the strange feelings come but I could be just laid watching tv then of course I panic which makes it worst if I put my head out the window it calms it down :(

  • I don't know how old you are but that is exactly how I felt when my change of life started. It came on first when I was pre-menopausal at the age of 40. If this could be you then your doctor can do a blood test to confirm it.

    Bev x

  • Did u get a sore neck etc after an episode x and I'm 39 x

  • It's a panic attack! A terrifying experience.....mind racing, heart pounding, can't breathe, dry mouth, tight band around the head, weak limbs, feelings of going insane or out of control, fear of shame/embarassment.

  • Yes that's what happens but I don't feel panicky leading up to it I can just be sat on sofa and it only seems to happen when I'm sat down quietly never when I'm rushing around I almost feel like I want to just keep my body rushing so I don't feel it :( x

  • Please can someone give me advise how to help it I'm on propanol to slow me down and have some antidepressants to start this week as last ones made me worst

  • Hi vonnie74 I am on the same beta blockers as yourself and have only been on them two weeks they have made a difference but I was back at docs today and got antidepressants as I still am not coping well I have to take the two off them the now. I really can't believe how anxiety can change your life hope you are well xx

  • Hi it really can change your life and so much so that you get yourself thinking all sorts is wrong xx

  • Hi vonnie I am having a nightmare of a day whats new been back to doc she has given me anti depressants as well as beta blockers and I am not worth a bean my hubby just doesn't understand at all ahhhhhhhh

  • Hi Hun I'm on those too my other half don't understand either or I think he thinks I make it up, until someone else has it they don't know how it feels x

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