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I feel weak, fuzzy headed, spaced out and not with it, this can't be just anxiety?!


Hi, I'm 18 years old and yesterday I was diagnosed with anxiety.

It's strange, I didn't think I was anxious at all but reading the comments it seems I do have health anxiety.

A few months back I started to feel fuzzy headrd and like dizzy, weak with like pressure it made me feel spaced out and it's so hard to concentrate, it's getting worse and the worse it gets the more I worry about it, the doctor has done blood tests and they're all coming back clear, I had my last set today but the doctor doesn't suspect anything but anxiety.

I'm so worried and confused, I really didn't think anxiety could make someone feel this way and is there anyway at all to get rid of it? I'm so tired of it and I start a nee job this week and so worried it'll get in the way, I can't feel this way anymore. It's driving me crazy and makes me feel genuinely ill.


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I have had all those symptoms with my anxiety so your not alone. I have tried everything and the best things that have worked for me is swimming, going for a walk a nice hot bath with music and chilling with my kids.i am on meds aswell I take propanolol and citalopram but that would be something you need to but talk sbout with your doctor I also got a good book last week cslled 50 things you can do today to manage your anxiety its by wendy green. Hope this helps x x

Hi Hun was reading your comment and doctor has put me on citalopram and propanolol for anxiety and depression I'm day 11 of taking them and feel worse anxiety is worse I feel spaced out got a strange feeling in my head etc it's horrible how long have you been on your meds and did you have any side effects? Thank you xxx

Hi. I too have had all the symptoms mentioned and am on propranolol and citalopram. I have been on propranolol for 4 weeks but citalopram just 1 week and like you I feel anxiety is generally worse and head rush feelings worse. I am told it can be a couple of weeks before you see any benefit and I am trying to gang in there but it scares me

I am also on propranolol and celexa.


Sorry to hear you are feeling this way, the symptoms you describe do sound like anxiety. Has your gp offered you any support? I feel this way when I am stressed, doo you know what has triggered your anxiety?

Jules x

Hey hun,

Definitely anxiety! I am 22 and was diagnosed at 19, i constantly worried it was not anxiety but 3 years later and I still get the same symptoms. I was bad, wouldn't leave my bed let alone the house! It's a horrible illness, I still suffer everyday. There is not a day that I don't feel anxious, however, I do have better days for example I now have a job and I've only had 1 day off due to my anxiety. It does get better and you do learn to deal with it. Some days I want to cry because I don't want to deal with it anymore, I want to go out and have fun, meet a nice man and start a family. But it will happen all in good time. Keep fighting and know that anxiety wrecks havoc on your body, it causes all sorts of symptoms. Try councilors, they really do help you to see the bright side and work through it. Good luck hun x

I can relate hun. All my anxiety symptoms are in my head. Some people have the chest pains and tingling ect. But I get everything you described Some days I feel like am walking around drunk my vision seems shakey and just cnt stop that tingling pressure feeling in my head. You will have bad days but you will get to a point where you have more good than bad . This site is amazing coz it's really reassuring to hear others with anxiety feel the same xxx

this is what i have been getting practically constantly this past week and its really scaring me!

henna79 in reply to loopsyloo

Loopsyloo, how do you deal with it? I get it too! So sick of it

Jansblu2 in reply to loopsyloo

Yep me too... For like 3 years. I'm retired now so I don't have to worry about a job. I've had health anxiety since I was 9 on and off.. I'm 61 now.. I started getting these symptoms like 4 years ago when I was reading about someone else. I remember saying well at least I don't have that and I'll be darn if I didn't start getting it... Its horrible and its so hard to function... Takes alot of self talk to work through my day...

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I’m the same, I can read/hear about symptoms then start getting them. That’s my current issue and I’m jeeping my fingers crossed that it’s just due to stress.

I have had anxiety for years but i have been really good for the last few months.

However, lately i stopped watching movies because i felt its not worth my time and then it all started coming back i'm anxious and nervous. i fell spaced out and glazzy. i thought im going crazy. but thanks to this site i know what it is. i don't have movies to take my mind off stuff. its like im going thru a mind detox. i will try to keep going strong and keep up ith you people to give me support.

it does get better with time and pure strength of will.

My Son is 25 he has had this for 2 years now, he has fallen over because of it he feels really ill, you need to force your doctor to take it more seriously and give you the relevant checks blood checks urine checks, blood pressure checks, dont let it rest until you are satisfied and dont be pushed off with pills like my Son has when the underlying cause is being neglected.  My Son is doing a 24 hour urine test now and 24 bp monitor, hig liver function was up but is going down a bit, they queried his kidneys but I am hoping it will be nothing, one word of warning to you, lay off of Coke Cola, I have my suspicions it may be responsible for my Sons problems he has drank vast amounts for several years, it cant do you any good.  Take care and ask your doctor to find the underlying cause and not just fob you off with packets of pills which in the long run will do more harm, Good luck

Hey I'm going through the same thing and I feel like I should press on my doctors even though they did the usually blood test and all of those things. Was there anything wrong with your son or is he okay???

Grounding techniques can help bring someone out of a dissociative state. Examples include: drinking something which is ice cold, write a list of things in your surroundings or be outside and focus on the wind/rain and its connection to your body x

Does stuff like this really work?? I need severe help because I'm going through his so called derealization part of anxiety now. Although before it was worse I had palpitations and all of those thing!

As with all other alternative therapies, it is mainly down to the individual. If I am really struggling, it takes the edge off for me x

Mrk7 in reply to jasanascu

When you say "dissociative" what do you mean exactly?

In some articles it says to distract yourself, and to avoid the stressors, take your mind off of things. So I'm confused by the main difference.

What sort of concerns me about when people feel spacy, etc as a result of issues/of the anxiety they are having- is what if they continue to keep getting hit hard with issues, loss of loved ones, etc? Sometimes we have limited to no control of our environents, etc.

For example: Some months ago I got blind sided with something's that happened (ongoing) with outside family. Initially, I did as good as could to deal with it, mind my own, but it kept coming non-stop, and it eventually took its toll about 4 months ago. It eventually frightened me and it really messed me up. (Physically) I haven't been the since. I was even surprised at how it effected me. I now have issues with being able to think straight, focus, foggy, confusion, and I don't feel like I have ME and the normal sense of myself, my clarity. (That can keep one very nervous)

Before this I was focused with confidence, passion, active, and I would love helping people. Had a pretty good head on my shoulders, just wanting to be healthy and do the right thing.

When I wake up I'm not fully alert, as if I'm still in sleepy mode. My memory is hazed. My head is light, with pressure, tingles, fuzz, that i keep rubbing. It can be so intense and I can feel so desperate that I have no choice but to weep on a daily basis.

I notice Im much more sensitive (even images) can get overwhelmed way way easier with tingling sensations. I feel no warmth.

I'm not trying to avoid/ "dissociate" anything. Obviously I try not to think about anything negative or the events that lead up to this.

Any clarity/insight as to what could of happened here?

Neal1954 in reply to Mrk7

They say that this is caused by extreme anxiety and there is no harm in it. It's the brains way of protecting itself from too much anxiety. I have had it in the past. I hope you feel better.

Neal1954 in reply to Neal1954

I wonder if I was born with this; since I believe I had it as a young boy and I"m now 62.

Agora1 in reply to Neal1954

Hi Neal1954, I believe we are predisposed to anxiety either through genetics or a traumatic life event. .

Neal1954 in reply to Agora1

Hi Agora, My general practitioner has prescribed various SSRI's. I seem to have bad reactions to all of them so far. Dry heaves and nauseousness.

lofeoutthere in reply to Mrk7

Did you ever find relief to this?

How are you feeling did you figure out how to over come this, I really need help with this because I honestly just want my life back!!!!

Hi AnthonyHiroshi,

I hear yeah man, past few months all of these symptoms have been hitting me like a train. As i read further down this page i realized a lot of these people are on the same boat as me, and in all honesty i didn't really know what was wrong till... literally right now. Keep to a daily schedule, dont skip out on work, read a book, go out side (the outdoors and nature have such rewarding benefits), go to the gym, and personally i think keeping your self busy and being aware helps a bit. I know i'm new to this but before now these things helped calm my mind, even being around people i know and are familiar with helps/helped.

Thanks for the information, to everyone on this page :)

I"m feeling spaced out with intermittent tinnitus; I"m 62 and have battled this my whole life. When I went to the GP I was told for my age you can't possible have better blood work. I felt like telling him, "well why do I feel like crap". I"m currently taking trintellix but only 2.5 mg; when I took the 5 mg tablet it gave me extreme insomnia. I'm hoping to feel better.

sisterkeyz in reply to Neal1954

Hi I've had the spaced out feeling and permanent tinnitus for 35 years. The spaced out feeling is apparently depersonalisation, an anxiety based condition. It's never gone away with me, but I'm told its definitely related to anxiety.

I have had that feeling for about a year and a half. I was the same as you, so worried that there might be something really wrong. I have done every test in the book (gotta love Canadian healthcare) and everything has come back clear.

This site is great because hearing about other people feeling the same way can really help calm you down. In the past few months I have really learned to get a hold of my symptoms. I do yoga every morning, just a light 20 minute set to start my day off. I got a SADS light which I found really helps the dizzy feeling while at work in front of a computer. I also get regular massages and chiropractic treatment which I find makes a big difference because of how tense I can get.

Also great is to find a good therapist, not someone who will prescribe you meds, but who you can sit and talk with regularly about how you feel. They can help you sort out what might be causing some anxiety you didn't even know you have! Mine did that for me and I made some big changes in my life that have really helped me manage my anxiety symptoms.

Make sure you give yourself a break, breathe deep and know you are OK!!!

I am so glad I'm not alone😢

It's a very very scary feelings

I have been feeling out of it on and off for Afew months now. I was so afraid and did not know what's happening to me .

Thank you for sharing your story

This might seem extremely obvious but I have suffered all these symptoms. I work in finance and have very early starts so I drink a lot of coffee, not unusual for me to have a doubt shot in a latte at 6am, then probably the same at 9am then probably again at 11am and then more in the afternoon, partly through boredom as getting up to go get a coffee gives me time off the desk. Symptoms of too much caffeine include brain fog, dizziness, feeling out of your own body, trouble with sleep, depression, headaches, muscle soreness/stiffness, trouble regulating temperature, lethargy. Try and detox and see how you feel


Did you ever find relief

Did you ever find relief to this?

This is exactly how I feel right now.

You posted 5 years ago. I hope you are well. ⚘

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