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Help a girl out 😢

Hi every one I'm a big sufferer from anxiety since my son was born 2 years ago but its been coming and goin ... recently I've felt I can even play with my children with out my chest feeling tight and trying to find air ...

I don't think I have asthma as I couldjog for half hour feefeel in fine and walking is ok .... and x Ray of lungs is fine ...

Has anyone else had this problem feeling just out of no where u can't get enough air r just breath properly....

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I get this. It's so random and annoying :/ focus on taking deep belly breaths and holding them


So is not asthma lol i got lungs checked before and they were fine .... I'll try n exercise more lol x


Hi you probably already read my post I feel all time I can't get enough I can't take the tablets so I'm trying to fighting on my own I also have kids and your restricted from doing things cause of these horrible feeling what I try do now is tell myself it anxiety ots not easy I do even talk out load and say Mr anxiety get the he'll away way from Melbourne only a thing in my mind trying to scare me now I hv to clean my flat and I'm going to do it try keep yourself buzy sip on water I find it hard to do the breathing exercise but if you can do it do them as well eventually. If we keep fighting we will win in the end if you need someone to tlk to I'm always here not saying I'd be much help will sure try remember your not alone there's lots of people suffering this horrible thing


Hi thanks so much feel a little better today .. I must start getting my ass up and doing more exercise myt help a little lol


You go girl


Hi xogemxo


I am a fellow anxiety sufferer and also a student nurse. I am in the process of setting up a self help website and soon to be charity that will hopefully help people like us who need a bit of relief, someone to talk to whenever they feel unhappy, anxious, upset, depressed or anything else.

It's dedicated specifically to depression and anxiety sufferers and will provide buddy's, mentors and advocates that people can talk to in a variety of ways instead of speaking to doctors, family, friends; give you a chance to speak about your worries or issues without any judgement or time limits.

I've also added an online forum, online chat and group discussion option as well as a send it away box - a chance to get all your feelings down without the judgement from anyone.

The pages are still in provisional planning stages but it may help a lot of you - as it's been designed from the research I've carried out on fellow sufferers. Please take a look and share it around - let's end this suffering in silence, thank you.




Please could you keep Intouch with me as I defiantly want to be involved with your brilliant site, please could you let me know when it starts and the deals it sounds great. Many thanks


Yes.. All the time..one minute I'm fine then the next I'm feeling as if I can't breathe...and my chest is caving in..at times I feel like my heart is beating too slow then times too fast... I guess its part of this ugly thing we call anxiety..they have all kinds of breathing techniques that they say you can practice that's suppose to help...


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