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Hi, my name is Kara I am 13 and desperate for help!!!!! I am constantly weak and shaky. I have gotten so weak that I can't stand and I have fallen right on my face. I am to weak to eat and I am laying here in the bed telling my sister what to type because I don't have the stringth to move any muscle and can barely talk. My blood pressure and suggar is perfect and my doctor says that I am fine. But I think differently! I also have anxiety and depression but I don't have anything thing bothering me with it. Please help!!!! I'm scared!!!!!😰

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Hello What has the GP done with regards medications and help ????

If you do not eat and you are weak and shaking how do your Parents feel regarding this ?? As if you are only thirteen, both your Parents and GP have that duty of car and should be taking quite extreme measures so they can treat this condition.

Personally I would have thought you would be suffering some form of condition here that generally would not be anxiety or depression, as you are not really explaining this form of problem. Can you tell me why if this is depression or anxiety what is causing this problem ???.



Thanks but I realy don't think that it is my anxiety or depression.


Kara sorry to learn about yourexperience. Did you go to the doc, did they draw blood? They have to find out what's going on internally. You have to eat and drink to regain your strength.

Do you have black molasses at home? Let your sister put a table spoon in cup of tea or hot water and drink. Use some bullion broth. Vitamins C, magnesium, folic acid and purchase black seed oil or the bitters. Hope you feel better don't give up. Pray and read Psalms 120. You can do it Kara.


Thanks I'm so glad someone can help and also in a religious way!

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Hi Kara just checking in to see how you are doing.


There is hope but although you require the support of your family and friends you must dig deep to action the start of your recovery.

Speak to someone about your deepest fears, why do you feel down, why is it you probably don,t feel that good about yourself right now.

First step is talk, along with eating,you may have a beautiful life ....find out.

Even eating liquids,soups anything that will give you some strength back.....get outside...a walk in the park?

Remember no one knows what life holds for us.......ignore the negative....relish the positive.

Some of the happiest people went through what you are experiencing and it made them stronger.....God bless x

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Hello Kara

You are so young & it does worry me when someone so young joins a social network without their parents knowing which I presume they don't as your safety is paramount above all as a child , but children can get anxiety as well as adults & it would be beneficial to get support from a organization that is especially adapted towards young people with anxiety , maybe as your sister must know how you are struggling together you could talk to your parents as that is where you could do with the most support

You must be attending school , is there anyone possibly a teacher maybe that you could confide in , you will be surprised at how they will offer you support if you talk to them & let them know how you feel

Please do not take or try any supplements such as Folic acid or magnesium even though these are only supplements again with your age I would never advise you to take anything without asking & letting your parents know as they do not suite everyone & you can get side effects so please be careful ...Take Care x

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Thanks and my parents are fully aware they recommended me to go in this website


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