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I’ve suffered with anxiety for about 4years now but my doctor only just diagnosed me even though I’ve been going to them for 4years as I pull my hair out in clumps.

I still pull my hair out to this day,and I cannot stop no matter how hard I try,I cry infront of the mirror because I don’t want to carry on I do it all the time no matter where I am or who I’m with, I can’t control myself.

I’ve not yet started counselling as there is a waiting list upto 8-10weeks, I’ve got their number but I’m very nervous to speak to someone as I constantly feel like I’m getting judged,or someone is getting fed up of me crying and feeling this way. I rarely go out and if I do I’ll only go out with my boyfriend even then I feel scared and trapped.

I need help, and if anyone could give me any sort of advice or help me in anyway I would be truly greatful x

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I had enormous anxiety going to a counsellor for the first time (How ironic) but it was so much easier than I was anticipating. They're just normal people who WANT to help if you let them. Don't worry about crying, that just means you're progressing and accepting help! Sometimes you might not fit with the first counsellor you see and thats ok, just like anyone other walk of life sometimes you just don't click. But keep pushing because it will be worth it in the end xx

It’s so hard to open up and speak to my mum let alone someone I don’t know,opening up has always been so difficult for me since I was little...I just feel like I’m constantly trapped inside a bubble which won’t pop. I can’t trust anyone,apart from my boyfriend even then I feel like he sometimes thinks I’m over reacting or being stupid,I cry over the smallest of thing, anything makes me emotional and it’s so annoying because I’ve tried to control it but nothing seems to work. But thank you x

hi sorry to hear of your struggles ive been waiting since October.your therapist will never judge you in any shape or form.its like your a blank piece of paper to them as the meets go on it gradually turns into your story.ive cried before and not ashamed to do so it makes you stronger in the to your parents as well more maybe just to you get the appointment.dont be to hard on yourself have belief that it will get better.all the best.

You've got your answer hun, it's therapy. Don't be afraid, ashamed or embarrassed to talk to them... remember, they chose this career specifically to help people like you because they have a genuine interest and really care. They understand your problems at a different level than others do.

Oh love, I'm so sorry to hear how desperately you want help & how much you are struggling. You are on the right path to healing you just need to put your fears and embarrassment aside. Folks in the profession of counseling/therapy are there because they want to help and will never judge you. Please know, that crying is a natural response and shouldn't be something for you to be ashamed. I had to learn the hard way that being a super sensitive person is not a bad thing- in fact it can be good when you find yourself in a healthy place because it means you can be sensitive and understanding to others that might just be struggling in a similar way that you do. None of us are perfect and we all have weaknesses that we struggle with. There is no shame in the struggle. Hang in there and don't give up. The best thing I can do for you is to pray for you- so I'm praying you find the courage you need, find the right counselor and healing will commence.

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