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Hey everyone so I just woke up it's about 3 am and my anxiety is acting up a lot witch hasn't happend in a little while it weird for me because I'm not used to it any more. Anyways when I woke up I felt like I was dreaming but I know I'm not dreaming but I still feel like I'm just gonna wake up and be shaking from how real it felt even tho it's not acually a dream it's just real. Anyways I stoped taking my medication a couple of monthes ago I was taking citalopram and I really liked it no bad side affects nothing. Atleast for me that is. So I'm starting to wonder if I should start taking it again even tho I don't want to start depending on them can someone please help me with the way I feel and to let me know if I should try a bit longer and see how I do or if I should go see my doctor and take them again thanks?

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Currently having the same problem. Woke up, felt like I couldn't breath, shaking, dizzy and nauseous, light headed. I can't sleep at night. I hate this feeling.


Cori32 , I been taking medicine to go to sleep so I won't think about it as much. Hard for me to go to sleep, but when I do go to sleep I'll wake up in 2 hours and still feel the same. I hate being alone. I have no appetite, hard for me to shallow, have diarrhea, shaking, dizzy and nauseous all thru the day. It's worst when I drive. I just want this to to away. I constantly feel like I'm dying or can't breath. Anything I can do to get rid of this feeling? 😞


I can totally relate to your anxiety issues, it's awful isn't it ? My head just races , my body aches , I recently started using the Hare Krishna mantra when it kickers in it seems to Levitate the symptoms .


This happens to me too, I am wondering what the Hare Krishna mantra is??


The Hare Krishna mantra is what is used to focus the mind on Krishna conscienceness which in short means to lift us to a higher level of spiritual conscienceness but saying that it seems to help sometimes to stop intrusive thoughts . I'm only passing it on , it's up to you to decided .

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