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Anxitey help

I have pains in my chest belly and all of my left side my left arm tingles and hurts iv been for xray and heaet tests and all normal even blood test normal i feel soaced out and i tend to worry about one symtom and then others come on i have

Pains in arms

Burning in chest

Pains in left side of chest

Pressure in head

Feel weak

Spaced out

Scaird of going out

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I feel all of this and believe me it is nothing but our mind playing tricks.


Thank u so much

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I also get this and like a twitching feeling and put it down to my mind playing tricks. If no better after Christmas I'll go to the docs.


Thank you its hard to deal with


If you've had tests for these symptoms and all is good, sounds like anxiety and health anxiety. It's a vicious circle. You get a symptoms then you worry about what it is then you worry more and it gets worse and lasts longer then more symptoms start. I know, I've been there, mist if my life has been spent going from one to the the next health issue. I know it's troubling. Try to find something you enjoy to focus on and get your mind off yourself. Honestly staying busy is the best therapy. Tell yourself, it's just anxiety....and if it gets worse I will go the the doctor, then try to put it out if your thoughts. This takes time to learn, but you can learn to refocus. I love art, so when I start negative thinking I get a project and start working on it.

Hope this helps some.


Thank u it did i get put of breath alot aswell like just have no energy ita weired but il get there in the end thank u


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