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Does anyone with anxiety feel weird sensations in their head? Whenever I'm feeling super anxious or having an attack I get a feeling that I might faint, and I get a lot of other weird head sensations that's are hard for me to describe, but I was wondering if anyone could relate to them. It's almost like there is air or bubbles trapped in my brain, and I get the feeling that my brain is tingling, 94 not there. And of course I think it's a brain tumor or something. Anyone have really weird feeling in their head??


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  • Ps I meant "or", not 94.. don't know how that happened 😂

  • I have weird head symptoms of anxiety de ja vu which confuses me and scares me then it makes me feel sick. I feel a weird sensation in my chest which feels like the start of a panic attack. Deep breathing helps. Just look at anxiety as a bad adrenaline rush nothing more

  • Yeah all the time. Ignore and it will go away. Always worse when i am tired.

  • I feel head pressure , like my head weighs a ton and I can't handle the weight , severe migraines , etc

  • Yes I get those feelings that I cant describe. My brain feels like it's not all there, along with other wierd feelings.

  • I get weird sensation on my head when I'm ready to have a panic attack and go into tunnel vision. I don't know if that's the same you are talking about. But I get this buzzing sensation that starts on my head and travels all over my body and then I stop feeling my body and go straight to tunnel vision. Like a body detachment

  • Oh god i got all those feelings. And now im very anxious about this painful pulsing in my head and numbness of my left cheek always. I got this friend of mine telling me that she got a friend who just died from brain hemmorrhage or a stroke that she didnt see it coming.. i was alright before that when i heard about it, my anxiety just hit to the top. I had ct scan already and i feel like wanted to have another scan.. oh god please help me with these

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