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help please

now its been over a month i had probably panic attack and thought i would die of heart attack, had checked up with doctor twice and he found me physically fit, 1st on 12.11.2015 and my blood pressure was 120/80 and pulse 80/m and 2nd on 19.11.2015 and my blood pressure 122/80 and pulse 68/m, doctor even said i ve further improved my health, i dont know why still fear is there within me, while getting into metro, crowded bus , even cinema which i cancelled at last minute and i was with my wife. she got really furious over behaviour and then told her about my problems, i think i m loosing focus, i m not enjoying life with fear, help me to get over pleaseeeeesseeeeeeee

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Have you been back to the doctors, x


no not after 19.11.2015


So your anxiety keeps you from going places?I know mine does,I stay in the house most of the time bc of it, since you done went to the doctor and they said everything was fine,then your fine,just calm down, your okay. I know its easier said than done but believe the doctors and try to be happy. I suffer from health anxiety really bad too I always think I have a tumour I'm my head,I've had 2 cat scans done and both was normal but I still have a hard time believing it and constantly seeking reassurance. Its tough living with anxiety on a daily basis but we just gotta try to keep our minds off of it and try to be happy its hard,very hard but hopefully we will make jt through it. I hope you get to feeling better soon!I'll keep you in my prayers!


thank you so much dear, god is kind, you will also be in my prayers

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It's not nice. I have had anxiety on an off for a few years. I am on medication and last time in worked. So hoping it will this time. Side effects of meds do make you feel worse for a few weeks. But I am now remembering how I was when I was "normal" and it is what I am aiming for. Your not alone if it helps.


Thank u, I hope eventual I will get better


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