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Fecking Google 😡😡


Please I really need to stop my addiction with googling absolutely everything, it’s driving me insane. Is there anybody else on here that used to constantly google but have now broken the habit??

I’m addicted to checking my pulse all the time aswell, if reassures me when it’s normal. I always thought normal resting heart rate was between 60-100, even better if it’s between 60-80. Mine is usually in the 70’s sometimes 80’s but I just read on webmd.con anything over 76 means a higher rust for heart attack. Its only 7am here and I’v started my day off badly by bloody googling.

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I understand you. I've done the same thing. I have stopped cause I didn't have internet for a year or so. I honestly don't know what to tell you but that I'm here and I understand. I hope your day gets better though.


Ckd123 in reply to Midnightwolf1

Thanks for reply. I’v asked hubby to take WiFi with him going to work which he did one day! I spent all day worrying about different symptoms and wishing I could google them, it’s a vicious cycle! I don’t want to do it but panic if it’s not available to me x

Oh yes I'm still doing that but know i have to stop. Have tbe worst panic attacks doing this kind of thing. Must admit didn't do it today and won't anymo re.

Ckd123 in reply to Dorsey

Thanks for reply, I’m going to try my best to distract myself when I feel the need to google another symptom! Between googling and checking my pulse I’m always doing something that ends up making me panic!

Dorsey in reply to Ckd123

We just have to stop.

Im same google everything.

Not good especially when you end up reading things you read before.. More than once !

Noticed when had company for a week didnt do it and think actually felt a bit better but back to doing it again.

Even coming on these sites becoming too much of a habit to find people same .

Hi Ckd123,

I get how you feel. I have to google, which makes it worse, but then not googling also makes it worse.

Have you got any friends or relatives you can contact at pretty much anytime you’re worried? Even better if that friend or relative is a doctor. My one ‘no’ is to not contact a friend who also has health anxiety, because that will worsen the situation for the both of you.

My father is a doctor, and although he’s a neurosurgeon, all doctors have to have some knowledge of everything. Having a doctor reassure you that you’re okay can go a long way because, well, they’re a doctor! It also helps if they explain to you why you’re okay using things like statistics, evidence and logic etc.

Of course, a friend or relative can do this too, but it can add that little bit on if that person is a doctor :)

Best wishes,


See a therapist. They may be able to work with you to stop this habit. It is very destructive.

I know what you’re going through. I also have a huge problem with that. Especially if I hear someone who has a disease and I asked them what their symptoms are like. It sounds so similar to mine and I think I have that disease and have to google it up.

Ashleyp in reply to Hawaiiguy

Same here :(

I really do get this I google every single little thing to make sure I’m okay the smallest wee cut would get me on google checking if it’s septic I don’t have much advice to offer you other than my support :)

It’s horrible it sucks so much and I unfortunately do it too

Unfortunately so have I. I get the smallest pain or ache and immediately Google and I have a panic attack that I have cancer. Then I break down... I have 3 little lovies at home that I need to be strong for,and heath anxiety doesnt allow that for me

I am part of Dr Google I should be read by now apparently

Googling your symptoms is an endorphin rush, and an addiction to terror.

With that said, b1b1b1 was the only one of us who nailed it!

IF you CHOOSE to google symptoms, you NEED that rush to validate your belief that it must be serious, if it is serious, then you MUST be important, and if you are important then you get the attention that you are looking for, and the loop kicks in.

You could CHOOSE, to go read a book, do a load of laundry, vacuum your room, call your Aunt or cousin, or a friend, or the neighbors cat, and talk about THEM, and distract yourself to the point that you forgot about the problem. OR if the problem is still lingering, you might say " can I run something past you and tell me if you have every had this.......xyz problem" and they might say " sure, no big deal, it goes away"

And then you will feel better and then what would you do............

Ahhh grasshopper...................

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