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12-4 log

Exercise is paying off, I woke up today not feeling sick much at all. I been doing push ups periodically during the day, 10 here 20 there...I think i finally figured out my problem...i believe i very small/mild case of heart failure (I may be able to fight past it and overcome it completely I think)...Picking up some CoQ10 today and going to see if that helps along with my exercise, its recommended for people with heart failure. And yes its proven people with heart failure, exercise tends to help them reduce the symptoms...

2 symptoms i don't have with heart failure is:

1. swelling in my ankles or swelling at all.....instead the blood circulations gets cut off so easy its crazy...happens basically i think I'm young and healthy and might have a different case.

2. I don't get super tired or super out of breath when working out...instead i think i feel like im getitng my breath lot of the time/ makes it easier to breath/ releases difficulty breathing...but i haven't pushed myself too much...working my way up...this is why i think i might be able to overcome this.

I basically have every other symptom of it... I'm improving with exercise regardless so even if this isn't couldn't hurt me. But im almost positive this is it or some type of heart damage...this has always stemmed around my heart but yes exercises and b12 and d3 is definitely helping me! also took 1 reserveratrol yesterday.

I feel pretty good right now... about a 2 if it wasent for slight difficult breathing so ill give it a 2.3 on my sickness scale.

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one of the key differences today is i never really whent above a 3 in sickness...where as a normal day average im a 4-5. exercise is paying off and hopefully the coq10 in a few days or weeks ill give me a boost.


I totally agree. My health/anxiety really turned a corner when I started exercising. I am doing the couch 2 5k program for the second time right now. It gave me so much confidence to know my body is capable of building fitness.

When I was really anxious and sick I got very deconditioned and it was amazing how terrible that made me feel and all the symptoms that came from staying in bed so much.


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