Feeling drunk for 4 years

Feeling drunk for 4 years

I've felt drunk for four years now I feel like my brain is cotton sometimes hard to explain I get off balance unsteady when walking 🚶 sometimes I feel as though I'm falling while sitting down and standing like I'm about to faint I have floaters in my vision and I'm constantly in a damn fog I hate this so much I just wanna be the mother that can play and run with her son :( I'm 27 and will be 28 in may, if I get nervous my symptoms get that much worse but I've noticed if I really get mad and cry about how I feel I feel a lot better someone please write me and let me know I'm not the only ☝🏼 one , my biggest problem is dizziness/falling sensations off balance and my head feels like cotton almost light and clogged up


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  • You're not alone. I get all of these as wel. The faint feeling and falling feelings are scariest to me too, but we are young women and can get through anything! Once you get checked out at the doctors you can get the "ok" to start really understanding that it's JUST anxiety and we can get through it, it won't hurt us!!

  • Its not uncommon to feel dizzy all the time when anxious. I deal with it for a few hours a day but thankfully it goes away.

  • Have you seen a doctor about it?

  • Ask your doctor for a blood / sugar blood test.

  • I pray that you will find your answer soon so you can enjoy your life with your daughter!

  • I've had complete blood panels done sugar test electrolytes all that they say I'm fine :-/ I'm so sick of this. I want to feel normal again

  • Me to. Same problem

  • What have doctors told u Megan

  • I have seen so many and some say anxiety. I got sent to a psychiatrist and he said he had seen ppl with vertigo but not 24/7 dizziness. I went to ent and was diagnosed with vertigo but she said she wasn't sure if I had it or not. Would really like a definite yes it's this or it's this. It's frustrating bc I feel so bad.

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